Arkon CDA-118M CD Player User Manual

Controlling USB memory (Optional)
A USB memory device may be connected to this unit. With a USB
memory device connected to this unit, the audio files will be playable
from this unit.
The controls on this unit for USB memory operation are operative
only when a USB memory is connected.
Playing MP3/WMA/AAC Files with the
USB memory (Optional)
If you connect a USB memory device containing MP3/WMA/AAC,
these files are playable on this unit.
Press iPod/USB to switch to the USB AUDIO mode.
To pause playback, press / .
Pressing / again will resume the playback.
The root folder is displayed as “ROOT” in the Folder Name Search
This unit plays back files in the USB memory with the same controls
and modes as playback of CDs containing MP3/WMA/AAC. For
details, refer to
“CD/MP3/WMA/AAC” on page 10 to 14.
Before disconnecting USB memory, be sure to change to another
source or set to pause.
The playback time may not be correctly displayed when a VBR
(Variable Bit Rate) recorded file is played back.
Search Position Memory
During USB playback, you can quickly return to the last-selected
hierarchy level in the search mode.
Press .
The hierarchy you selected last in the search mode is
About the Hands-Free Phone
Hands-free calls are possible when using a HSP (Head Set Profile) and
HFP (Hands-Free Profile) compatible mobile phone with a ALPINE
For detailed setting of BLUETOOTH, refer to the Owner’s Manual of
If both calling parties are using hands-free devices, or the call is
made in a noisy location, difficulty hearing the other person’s voice
is normal.
Depending on telephone line conditions or certain mobile devices
used, voices may sound unnatural.
When using a microphone, speak as directly as you can into the
microphone to pick up the best sound quality.
Certain mobile phone features are dependent on the capabilities and
settings of your service provider’s network. Additionally, certain
features may not be activated by your service provider, and/or the
provider’s network settings may limit the feature’s functionality.
Always contact your service provider about feature availability and
All features, functionality, and other product specifications, as well
as the information contained in the Owner’s Manual are based upon
the latest available information and are believed to be accurate at
the time of printing.
Alpine reserves the right to change or modify any information or
specifications without notice or obligation.
Answering a Call
Incoming calls are announced by the received call ring tone and a
displayed message (Caller name/PHONE No.).
Press any button to answer a call.
When “Answering Calls Automatically” is set to ON for
KCE-400BT, you can receive a call automatically.
When making a call, audio from the current source is muted.
Hanging up the Telephone
Press and hold for at least 2 seconds to hang up the
USB memory (Optional)
Hands-Free Phone