Arkon CDA-118M CD Player User Manual

When the subwoofer is on, you can adjust the subwoofer output level
(refer to
page 20).
OFF ON (Initial setting)
When the subwoofer is on, you can select either SYS 1 or SYS 2 for the
desired subwoofer effect.
SYS 1 (Initial setting) SYS 2
NORMAL (Initial setting) REVERSE
The subwoofer output phase is toggled SUBWOOFER NORMAL (0°)
or SUBWOOFER REVERSE (180°). To adjust the level, turn the
Rotary encoder.
You can set the subwoofer output to stereo or monaural. Make sure to
set the correct output for your subwoofer type.
STEREO (Initial setting) MONO
Depending on the response characteristics of the speaker, care should be
taken when setting the response slope of the high range speaker to
FLAT in 2.2ch (3WAY) mode (see
“Adjusting the Crossover Settings
(X-OVER)” on page 35), as speaker damage may result.
FACTORY’S (Initial setting) USER’S
This setting gives you a choice of 5-band parametric, or 7-band graphic
PARAMETRIC (Initial setting) GRAPHIC
NORMAL (Initial setting) INDIVIDUAL
You can change the unit, (cm or inch) of time correction.
CM (Initial setting) INCH
MX (Media Xpander) makes vocals or instruments sound distinct
regardless of the music source. The FM radio, CD, USB memory and
iPhone/iPod, will be able to reproduce the music clearly.
Changing the source to which you want to apply Media
FM (MX level 1 to 3):
The medium to high frequencies become clearer, and produces
well balanced sound at all frequencies.
CD (MX level 1 to 3):
CD mode processes a large amount of data during playback.
MX takes advantage of this large data quantity to reproduce a
more clear, clean output.
CMPM/SAT (MX level 1 to 3):
This corrects information that was lost at the time of
compression. This reproduces a well-balanced sound close to
the original.
DVD (MX level 1 to 3):
A DVD or Video CD contains a large quantity of data such as
music clip. MX uses this data to reproduce the sound
AUX (MX level 1 to 3):
Choose the MX mode (CMPM, MOVIE, or MUSIC) that
corresponds to the media connected.
The initial setting of MX is different depending on the source.
Each music source, such as FM radio, CD, and MP3/WMA/AAC can
have its own MX setting.
On discs with both MP3/WMA/AAC and CD-DA, when the source
changes from “MP3/WMA/AAC to CD-DA” or “CD-DA to
MP3/WMA/AAC”, MX-mode switching may delay playback slightly.
Setting to Non Effect sets MX mode of each music source to OFF.
This function is inoperable when DEFEAT is set to ON.
There is no MX mode for AM radio.
If an audio processor with the MX function (PXA-H701, etc.) is
connected, its own MX processing is applied to the music source.
Since the processor MX settings may not match the head unit, the
audio processor needs to be adjusted. For details, refer to the
Owner’s Manual of the audio processor.
“CMPM” is applied for MP3/WMA/AAC and iPhone/iPod.
“SAT” is applied for XM radio and SIRIUS radio.
Turning Subwoofer ON/OFF
Setting the Subwoofer System
SYS 1 : Subwoofer level changes according to the main
volume setting.
SYS 2 : Subwoofer level change is different from the main
volume setting. For example, even at low volume
settings, the subwoofer is still audible.
Setting the Subwoofer Phase
Setting the Subwoofer Channel
STEREO :Subwoofer stereo (L/R) output
MONO : Subwoofer monaural output
Setting the Response Slope for the High
Range Speaker (TW Setup)
FACTORY’S :As protection from possible speaker damage,
FLAT cannot be set for the response slope of the
high range speaker in 2.2ch (3WAY) mode.
USER’S : The FLAT setting is possible in 2.2ch (3WAY)
Setting EQ mode
Setting the Filter type
NORMAL (L=R) : Left and right speakers are adjusted
INDIVIDUAL (L/R) : Left and right speakers are individually
Setting the Time Correction Unit (TCR
Setting the MX Level