Harman-Kardon AVR 1600 Stereo Receiver User Manual

While the DVD Source Selector may be used to operate either a
Harman Kardon Blu-ray Disc player or a DVD player, the default
mode is to operate a Harman Kardon Blu-ray Disc player. To toggle
between Harman Kardon Blu-ray Disc player and DVD player opera-
tion, press and hold the DVD Source Selector for 2 seconds. The
source selector will flash twice to confirm that the remote’s mode
has changed to operate the other type of disc player.
NOTE: The remote may be easily programmed to oper-
ate the DMC 1000 digital media center, using the Video 1 or
any of the HDMI Input Selectors, by following the instructions
below. Select the VCR/PVR/DMC device type in number 4.
Enter code 003.
If you have other source devices in your system, follow these steps
to program the correct codes into the remote.
1. Using the codes in Tables A11– A17 of the Appendix, look up the
product type (e.g., DVD, cable TV box) and the brand name of
your source. The number(s) listed is/are potential candidates for
the correct code set for your particular device.
2. Turn on your source device.
3. This step places the remote in program mode. Press and hold
the Source Selector until the Program Indicator LED on the
remote starts to flash, then release it. When pressed, the Source
Selector will light red briefly, go dark, and then relight when the
Program Indicator LED starts to flash.
4. Program the desired device type for any of the three HDMI
selectors by pressing the corresponding Source Selector:
• Press DVD to operate a DVD player.
• Press VID1 to operate a VCR or PVR, or a Harman Kardon
digital media center.
• Press VID2 to operate a cable or satellite set-top box.
5. Enter a code from number 1 above.
a) If the device turns off, then press the Source Selector again to
accept the code; it will flash. The remote will exit the Program
b) If the device does not turn off, try entering another code. If you
run out of codes, you may search through all of the codes in the
remote’s library for that product type by pressing the
Button repeatedly until the device turns off. When the device
turns off, enter the code by pressing the Source Selector; it will
flash. The remote then exits Program mode.
6. Once you have programmed a code, try using some other func-
tions to control the device. Sometimes manufacturers use the
same Power code for several different models, while other codes
vary. Repeat this process until you’ve programmed a satisfactory
code set that operates most of the functions you frequently use.
7. Find out which code number you have programmed by pressing
and holding the Source Selector to enter the Program mode.
Press the OK Button, and the Program Indicator LED will flash
in the code sequence. One flash represents “1”, two flashes for
“2”, and so forth. A series of many fast flashes represents “0”.
Record the codes programmed for each device in Table A7 in the
If you are unable to locate a code set that correctly operates your
source device, it will not be possible to use the AVR remote to control
that device. You may still connect the source to the AVR 1600 and
operate it using the device’s original remote control.
Most of the button labels on the remote describe the button’s function
when used to control the AVR 1600. However, the button may perform
a very different function when used to control another device. Refer
to the Remote Control Function List, Table A10 in the Appendix, for
each button’s functions with the various product types.
You may program Macros, which are preprogrammed code
sequences that execute many code commands with a single button
press. You may also program “punch-through” codes, which allow
the remote to operate the volume, channel or transport controls
of another device without having to switch the remote’s device
mode. See pages 35 through 36 for instructions on these advanced
programming functions.
NOTE: The AVR 1600 remote is preprogrammed to operate
the transport controls of Harman Kardon Blu-ray Disc or DVD
players when the AVR or the Video 2 (cable/satellite) or Video
3 (TV) source is selected. You may change this punch-through
programming at any time.
STEP NINE
Two steps are required the first time you turn on the AVR 1600.
1. Flip the rear-panel Main Power Switch to the “On” position. The
Power Indicator on the front panel will turn amber, indicating
that the AVR is in Standby mode and is ready to be turned on.
Normally, you may leave the Main Power Switch on, even when
the receiver is not being used.
2. There are several ways to turn on the AVR from Standby mode.
a) Press the Standby/On Switch on the front panel.
b) Using the remote, press the Power On Button or any of the
Source Selectors.
• Any time you press one of the Source Selectors on the
remote, the remote will switch device modes. To control the
receiver, press the AVR Button.
• If you do not see a picture within about one minute, refer
to the Video Troubleshooting Tips on page 28.