Harman-Kardon AVR 1600 Stereo Receiver User Manual

Installing the AVR 1600 and connecting it to the other system components
can be complicated. To simplify installation, it is suggested that you
design your system before you begin connecting wires and cables.
Although the rear-panel jacks allow for a variety of audio and video
connections to other components, the AVR organizes the connections
into six conventional sources: DVD (Blu-ray Disc player or DVD
player), CD, Tape (audio recorder), Video 1 (VCR), Video 2 (Cable/
Sat) and Video 3 (TV). Each of these sources uses dedicated analog
audio inputs, and the DVD and Video 1/2/3 sources also use dedi-
cated composite video inputs.
The AVR 1600 also features six digital audio inputs (two each coaxial
and optical on the rear panel, and one of each type on the front
panel). The digital audio inputs, which offer improved performance
when available on the source device, may be assigned to any
source, as explained in the Initial Setup section.
The two component video inputs offer improved video performance
when available on the source device and video display, and may
also be assigned to any source.
The 6-/8-Channel Analog Audio Inputs are selected as a separate
source, but may only be used with one of the two component video
For superior audio and video performance, the AVR 1600 is
equipped with three dedicated HDMI inputs, which may be used
with any type of source device that has an HDMI output. The HDMI
inputs may be used with an analog or digital audio input or one of
the component video inputs. This flexibility facilitates using the AVR
with sources that do not output multichannel audio through their
HDMI outputs.
Table A1 in the appendix indicates the default audio/video connec-
tion assignments. If the defaults suit your system, then connect
your devices to the audio/video inputs shown. Otherwise, design
your system as explained below.
1. Best video connection type for your system:
Examine the video inputs on your TV or video display. Write down
the best available video connection type here: ____________.
The options, in order of preference, are: HDMI, DVI (must be HDCP-
compliant), component video or composite video. This is the
“system-best” video connection for your system.
2. Decide which source will be used for each
device: Match up to six devices to the six conventional sources
listed in the Table 2 worksheet below. Any source device with
compatible output connectors may be connected to any source
inputs on the AVR. Matching the source devices to the named
sources simplifies setup and programming the remote control.
It is recommended that you match source devices as follows:
 Blu-ray Disc player or DVD player (remote may only
operate Harman Kardon Blu-ray Disc players, or many brands
of DVD players)
 VCR, PVR (such as TiVo), DVD recorder
 Cable or satellite set-top box
 TV (video display) or HDTV set-top box
 CD player
 Cassette deck or audio recorder (remote may only
operate Harman Kardon cassette decks)
 Any device equipped with an HDMI output;
the device type is selected from one of the other options while
programming the remote
 Portable audio player (remote is not programmable to
operate this device)
3. Best video connection for each source: Examine
each source device and write down the best available type of video
connection, but not better than the system-best connection. Leave
blank audio-only sources, such as a CD player.
4. Best audio connection for each source: For each
source device, write down the best available type of audio connection.
See the note below, and if the HDMI connection may be used for
audio, it is the best option. The other options, in order of preference,
are: optical digital audio, coaxial digital audio, 2-channel analog audio.
Source Device Type Best Video Video Input Best Audio Audio Input Analog Audio
Connection Assigned Connection Assigned (may Input for
(HDMI, DVI, (HDMI, Optical, be one digital Recording
Component, Coaxial, 2-CH plus one or more
Composite) Analog analog)
Video 1 VCR
Video 2 Cable or Sat
Video 3 TV
DVD Blu-ray Disc or DVD
Tape Cassette deck
AUX Portable player
6-/8-CH 6-/8-CH 6-/8-CH