Harman-Kardon AVR 1600 Stereo Receiver User Manual

Tuning Mode: This button toggles between manual (one
frequency step at a time) and automatic (seeks frequencies with
acceptable signal strength) tuning mode. It also toggles between
stereo and mono modes when an FM station is tuned.
Memory: After you have tuned a particular radio station, press
this button, then the Numeric Keys, to save that station as a radio
Tuning: Press these buttons to tune a radio station. Depending
on whether the tuning mode has been set to manual or automatic,
each press will either change one frequency step at a time, or seek
the next frequency with acceptable signal strength.
Direct: Press this button before using the Numeric Keys to
directly enter a radio station frequency.
Clear: Press this button to clear a radio station frequency you
have started to enter.
Preset Stations Selector: Press these buttons to select
a preset radio station.
Tone Mode: Press this button to access the tone controls
(bass and treble). Use the Navigation Buttons to make your
Disc Skip: This button has no effect on the receiver, but is
used with some optical disc changers to skip to the next disc.
Macros: These buttons may be programmed to execute long
command sequences with a single button press. They are useful for
programming the command to turn on or off all of your components,
or for accessing specialized functions for a different component
than you are currently operating.
Night Mode: Press this button to activate Night mode with
specially encoded Dolby Digital discs or broadcasts. Night mode
compresses the audio so that louder passages are reduced in vol-
ume to avoid disturbing others, while dialogue remains intelligible.
Track Skip: These buttons have no effect on the receiver, but
are used with many source components to change tracks or chapters.
Dim: Press this button to partially or fully dim the front-panel display.
Transport Controls: These buttons have no effect on
the receiver, but are used to control many source components. By
default, when the remote is operating the receiver, these buttons
will control a Harman Kardon Blu-ray Disc player or a DVD player.