Harman-Kardon AVR 1600 Stereo Receiver User Manual

If it’s available on your video display, an HDMI connection is
recommended as the best quality connection, followed by
component video, and then composite video.
NOTE: HDCP-copy-protected sources are not available at
the Component Video Monitor Outputs.
The AVR 1600 uses separate terminals for the included FM and AM
The FM antenna uses a 75-ohm F-connector. See Figure 12.
Figure 12 – FM Antenna
The AM loop antenna needs to be assembled. Connect the two
leads to the spring terminals on the receiver. The AM antenna leads
have no polarity, and you may connect them to either terminal.
See Figure 13.
Figure 13 – AM Antenna
The USB Port on the AVR 1600 is used only for software upgrades.
If an upgrade for the receiver’s operating system is released in the
future, it may be downloaded to the AVR using this port. Complete
instructions will be provided at that time.