Harman-Kardon AVR 1600 Stereo Receiver User Manual

HDMI Audio to TV: Determines whether HDMI audio signals
are passed through the HDMI Output to the video display. In normal
operation, leave this setting OFF, as audio will be played through
the AVR. To use the TV by itself, without the home theater system,
turn this setting ON. Mute the TV’s speakers when using the AVR for
Semi-OSD Time Out: Program the amount of time
(2 to 5 seconds) the two-line semi-OSD status messages remain
on screen, or deactivate the semi-OSD display altogether if you find
it distracting. These messages will continue to appear on the front
panel of the receiver.
Full-OSD Time Out: Program the amount of time (20, 30,
40 or 50 seconds) the full-OSD menus remain visible on screen.
The full-OSD system may not be deactivated.
NOTE: It isn’t possible to view video sources while the full-
OSD menus are displayed.
Dim Function
To dim the Message Display, press the Dim Button on the remote.
Each button press will cycle through the three settings of:
 Normal brightness
 Display is dimmed but still visible; the light inside
the volume knob goes dark
 Display goes completely dark except for Power
Indicator, to remind you that the receiver is turned on.
When you have finished, press the OSD Button to clear the menus
from view.
You are now ready to begin enjoying your new receiver!