Harman-Kardon AVR 1600 Stereo Receiver User Manual

Symptom Cause Solution
Unit does not function when Main • No AC Power • Make certain AC power cord is plugged into a live outlet
Power Switch is turned on • Check whether outlet is switch-controlled
Display lights, but no sound • Intermittent input connections • Secure all input and speaker connections
or picture • Mute is on • Press Mute Button
• Volume control is down • Turn up volume control
No sound from any speaker; • Amplifier is in protection mode • Check speaker wires for shorts at receiver and speaker ends
PROTECT message appears on due to possible short
front panel • Amplifier is in protection mode • Contact your local Harman Kardon service center
due to internal problems
No sound from surround or • Incorrect surround mode • Select a mode other than Stereo
center speakers • Input is monaural • There is no surround information from mono sources
• Incorrect configuration • Check speaker configuration
• Stereo or Mono program material • The surround decoder may not create center- or rear-channel
information from nonencoded programs
Unit does not respond to • Weak batteries in remote • Change remote batteries
remote commands • Wrong device selected • Press the AVR Button
• Remote sensor is obscured • Make certain front-panel sensor is in line of sight of remote
or connect an optional remote sensor
Intermittent buzzing in tuner • Local interference • Move unit or antenna away from computers, fluorescent
lights, motors or other electrical appliances
Additional information on troubleshooting possible problems with your AVR 1600, or installation-related issues, may be found in the list of “Frequently
Asked Questions”, which is located in the Product Support section at www.harmankardon.com.