Harman-Kardon AVR65 Home Theater System User Manual

Programming the Remote
To find out what function a particular
button has for a specific device, find
the button number on the Function List
and then look in the column for the
device you are controlling. For example,
button number 5 is the Test Tone button
for the AVR65, but it is the “Favorite”
button for many VCRs and Satellite
receivers. Button number 31 is the
Preset Tune Down button for the AVR65,
the “Reverse Skip” button for CD players
and the “Page Down” button for some
cable boxes.
Notes on Using the AVR65 Remote With
Other Devices.
• Manufacturers may use different code
sets for the same product category. For
that reason, it is important that you
check to see if the code set you have
entered operates as many controls as
possible. If it appears that only a few
functions operate, check to see if
another code set will work with more
• When a button is pressed on the AVR65
remote, the red light under the
Device Control Selector b for
the product being operated should
flash briefly. If the Device Control
Selector flashes for some, but not all
buttons for a particular product, it
does NOT indicate a problem with the
remote, but rather that no function is
programmed for the button being
Macro Programming
The Power button may be programmed to
send out a sequence of up to eight com-
mands when it is pushed. This enables
you to turn on a number of products,
and to have a program source turn to a
favorite channel or any other command.
To program a macro into the Power
button, follow these steps:
1. Press any of the Device Control
Selectors b and the Mute button
d at the same time until the red
light under the Device Control
Selector turns on.
2. Press the Power button c and
note that the Device Control Selector
will blink once.
3. Enter up to eight macro steps, by
pressing the Device Control button
and then the function button for each
step you wish to enter. To enter the
“Power On/Off” command during
macro programming, press the Mute
button d. DO NOT press the actual
Power Button.
4. When the eight steps have been
entered, press the Sleep button ` to
enter the commands. The red light
under the Device Control Selector
will blink and then turn off.
Example: To program your TV,
Cable Box and the AVR65 to turn on
when the Power button is pressed,
first press-and-hold the AVR a
and Mute buttons d until the
red light comes on under the AVR
button. Next, press the Mute button
d to enter the Power command
for the AVR. Press the TV Device
Control Selector b to select
the TV mode, and then press the
Mute button d again, to select
TV Power. Finally, press the CBL
Device Control Selector b
followed by the Mute button d to
select Cable Power. Press the Sleep
button ` to enter the commands.
AVR65 120 volt Rev (C) 10/6/98
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5 6
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