Harman-Kardon AVR65 Home Theater System User Manual

Remote Control Functions
remote may be programmed to con-
trol up to eight devices, including
the AVR65. Before using the remote,
it is important to remember to press
the Device Control Selector button
a b that corresponds to the unit
you wish to operate. In addition, the
AVR65’s remote is shipped from
the factory to operate the AVR65
and Harman Kardon CD players
and cassette decks. The remote is
also capable of operating a wide
variety of other products using the
control codes that are part of the
remote. Before using the remote with
other products, follow the instruc-
tions on pages 33–34 to program the
proper codes for the products in
your system.
It is also important to remember that
many of the buttons on the remote
take on different functions, depend-
ing on the product selected using
the Device Control Selectors. The
descriptions shown here primarily
detail the functions of the remote
when it is used to operate the
AVR65. (See pages 33–36 for infor-
mation about alternate functions for
the remote’s buttons.)
a AVR Selector: Press this button
to use the remote control for operation
of the AVR65. Note that the button will
briefly turn red after it has been
pressed to confirm your selection.
b Device Control Selectors:
Press one of these buttons to use
the remote to control the functions
of another audio/video device. Note
that the button will briefly turn red
after it has been pressed to confirm
your selection. (See pages 33–34 for
information on programming the
AVR65’s remote to operate these
c Power Button: Press this button
to turn the currently selected device
on or off.
d Mute: Press this button to
momentarily silence the AVR65 or TV
set being controlled, depending on
which device has been selected.
When the AVR65 remote is being pro-
grammed to operate another device,
this button is pressed with the Device
Control Selector button b to
begin the programming process.
(See page 33 for more information
on programming the remote.)
e Test: Press this button to begin
the sequence used to calibrate the
AVR65’s output levels. (See page 20
for more information on calibrating
the AVR65.)
f Display/Multiroom Button:
This button does not function with
the AVR65, but it is available for use
with other devices.
Buttons: These are multi-
purpose buttons. They will be used
most frequently to select a surround
mode. To change the surround mode,
first press the SURR/CH
y. Next press these buttons to
scroll up or down through the list of
surround modes that appear in the
Information Display
. (See page
28 for more information.) These
buttons are also used to increase
or decrease output levels used to
lower the AVR65’s output levels when
configuring the unit with either the
internal test tone or and external
source. (See pages 20 and 30 for
more information.) They are also used
to enter delay time settings after the
Delay button v has been pressed.
(See page 21 for more information.)
/Channel Button: This
button is used to start the process of
setting the AVR65’s output levels to an
external source. Once this button is
pressed, use the
buttons g to
select the channel being adjusted,
then press the Set button i, fol-
lowed by the
buttons again to
change the level letting. (See page 20
for more information.)
i Set Button: This button is used
to enter settings into the AVR65’s
memory. It is also used in the setup
procedures for delay time, speaker
configuration and channel output
level adjustment.
j Night Mode: Press this button
to activate the “Night” mode, pre-
venting loud playback when the
digital modes are in use without
altering the dynamic range of the
output signal.
When the AVR65 remote is being pro-
grammed to operate other devices,
this button is pressed to begin a
readout of a programmed code.
(See page 33 for more information.)
k Source Selectors: Press these
buttons to select an input source for
the AVR65. The AM/FM button is also
used to switch between frequency
bands when the tuner is in use.
NOTE: Pressing one of these buttons
selects the source only. In order to
control the actual source machine
using the remote you must press the
Device Control Selector button b
for the desired product.
l Numeric Keys: These buttons
serve as a ten-button numeric key-
pad to enter tuner preset positions.
They are also to be used to select
channel numbers when TV has been
selected on the remote, or to select
track numbers on a CD, DVD or LD
player, depending on how the
remote has been programmed.
m Direct/Enter: Press this button
to select a radio station by entering
its frequency using the Numeric
Keys l. (See page 29 for more
AVR65 120 volt Rev (C) 10/6/98