Harman-Kardon AVR65 Home Theater System User Manual

System Configuration
To adjust and calibrate the output levels,
follow these steps. For accurate calibration,
it is a good idea to make these adjustments
from the location in your room that is
your favorite listening position:
1. Put the AVR65 in the Dolby Pro Logic
mode by pressing the Dolby Pro
Logic Selector Ó on the front
panel or by pressing the Surround
Mode Selector yon the remote,
followed by the
buttons g
until PRO LOGICappears in the
Main Information Display U and
the PRO LOGIC indicator F lights.
2. Press the Test Tone button
e on the remote. The words
T -T FL 0dBwill appear in
the Main Information Display
U, and the letters FLwill flash
once each second.
NOTE: If you are using the On-Screen
Display system while making output
level adjustments, a specific display
will appear on your video screen
(Figure 3). While making output
adjustments, a cursor
will appear
under the channel being adjusted,
and it will move to indicate any
channel position changes. As adjust-
ments are made to the output level,
the offset amount will appear under
the channel indication.
Figure 3
3. At this point, the test noise will begin
to circulate among all the speakers in
a clockwise rotation.
NOTE: This is a good time to verify
that the speakers have been properly
connected. As the test noise circulates,
listen to make certain that the sound
comes from the speaker position
shown in the Main Information
Display. If the sound from a speaker
location does NOT match the position
indicated in the display, turn the
AVR65 off and check the speaker
wiring to make certain that each
speaker is connected to the correct
output terminal.
4. After checking for speaker placement,
let the test noise circulate again, and
listen to see which channels sound
louder than the others. Using the
front left (FLin the display) speaker
as a reference, press the
g on the remote or the Selector
buttons¸ on the front panel on
0 0 0
0 0
each channel to begin to bring them
to the same level. Note that when one
of the buttons is pushed, the test noise
circulation will pause on the channel
being adjusted to give you time to
make the adjustment. When you
release the button, the circulation
will resume.
5. Continue to adjust the individual
speakers until they all have the same
volume. Note that adjustments
should be made with the
buttons g on the remote or the
Selector buttons¸ on the front
panel only, NOT the main volume
controls. Then press the Set button
i ˜ to memorize the change. If
you are using a sound pressure (SPL)
meter for precise level adjustment, set
the volume so that the meter reads
75dB, C-Weighting Slow.
NOTE: The subwoofer output level is
not adjustable using the test tone. To
change the subwoofer level, follow the
steps for Output Level Trim Adjustment
on page 30.
6. When you have adjusted the outputs
so that all channels have the same
level, press the Test Tone button
e on the remote to complete
the adjustment.
AVR65 120 volt Rev (C) 10/6/98