Harman-Kardon AVR65 Home Theater System User Manual

Congratulations! With the purchase
of a Harman Kardon AVR65 you are
about to begin many years of listening
enjoyment. The AVR65 has been custom
designed to provide all the excitement
and detail of movie sound tracks and
every subtle nuance of musical selec-
tions. With onboard Dolby
Digital and
Decoding, the AVR65 delivers six
discrete channels of audio that take
advantage of the digital sound tracks
from the latest DVD and LV releases and
Digital Television broadcasts.
While complex digital systems are hard
at work within the AVR65 to make all of
this happen, hookup and operation are
simple. Color-keyed connections, a back-
lit, programmable remote control and
on-screen menus make the AVR65 easy to
use. To obtain the maximum enjoyment
from your new receiver, we urge you to
take a few minutes to read through this
manual. This will ensure that connec-
tions to speakers, source playback units
and other external devices are made
properly. In addition, a few minutes spent
learning the functions of the various con-
trols will enable you to take advantage of
all the power the AVR65 is able to deliver.
If you have any questions about this
product, its installation or operation,
please contact your retailer or custom
installer. They are your best local source
of information.
AVR65 120 volt Rev (C) 10/6/98
Description and Features
The AVR65 is a full-featured A/V receiver,
incorporating a wide variety of listening
options. In addition to Dolby Digital and
DTS decoding, Dolby Pro Logic
Dolby 3 Stereo are available for compati-
bility with the tens of thousands of movies
and television programs encoded with
analog surround information. A choice of
Hall and Theater modes is also available
for use with both encoded sources and
traditional two-channel stereo recordings.
A total of five audio/video inputs, each
with both composite and S-Video, as
well as three additional audio-only
inputs are selected through a learning
remote control and an easy-to-read front
panel display or on-screen graphics
through a TV monitor. Multiroom
operation is available with independent
source and volume selection.
The AVR65’s powerful amplifier uses
traditional Harman Kardon High Current
design philosophies to meet the wide
dynamic range of any program selection.
Harman Kardon invented the high-
fidelity receiver over forty-five years ago.
With state-of-the-art circuitry and time-
honored circuit designs, the AVR65 is
undoubtedly the finest receiver ever
offered by Harman Kardon.
Onboard Dolby Digital and
DTS Decoding
Coax and Optical Digital Inputs
On-Screen Menu Displays
Backlit, Programmable Remote
Composite and S-Video Switching
Complete Multiroom Control
6-Channel Direct Input and Preamp
Output for ALL Channels Permits
Ease of Expansion