Harman-Kardon AVR65 Home Theater System User Manual

Output Level Trim Adjustment
Normal output level adjustment for the
AVR65 is established using the Test Tone,
as outlined on page 20. In some cases,
however, it may be desirable to adjust the
output levels using program material
such as a test disc, or a selection you are
familiar with. Additionally, the output
level for the subwoofer may only be
adjusted using this procedure.
To adjust the output levels using pro-
gram material, first set the reference
volume for the front left/right channels
using the Volume Control
Ù z
. If
you wish to vary the difference between
the left and right channels, use the
Balance Control 7.
Once the reference level has been set,
press the Channel Select button
and note that FRONT L LEV
will appear in the Main Information
Display U. To change the level, first
press the Set button
, and then use
the Selector buttons
or the
to raise or lower the level.
DO NOT use the volume control, as this
will alter the reference setting.
Once the change has been made, press
the Set button
and then press the
Selector buttons
or the
to select the next output
channel location that you wish to adjust.
To adjust the subwoofer level, press the
Selector buttons
or the
appears in the Main Information
Display U.
Press the Set button
when the name
of the desired channel appears in the
Main Information Display U, and
follow the instructions shown above to
adjust the level.
Repeat the procedure as needed until all
channels requiring adjustment have
been set. When all adjustments have
been made, the AVR65 will return to nor-
mal operation when no adjustments are
made for five seconds.
NOTE: The output levels may be separately
trimmed for each digital and analog sur-
round mode. If you wish to have different
trim levels for a specific mode, select that
mode using the front panel buttons
( Ó
Ô Ò
on the remote control
and follow the instructions in the steps
shown above.
6-Channel Direct Input
The AVR65 is equipped for future
expansion through the use of optional,
external adapters for formats that the
AVR65 may not be capable of processing.
When an adapter is connected to the
6-Channel Direct Inputs , you
may select it by pressing the 6-Ch Input
k #
Note that when the 6-Channel Direct
input is in use, you may not select a sur-
round mode, as the external decoder
determines processing. In addition, there
is no signal at the record outputs when
the 6-Channel Direct input is in use.
Memory Backup
This product is equipped with a memory
backup system that preserves tuner pre-
sets and system configuration informa-
tion if the unit is accidentally unplugged
or subject to a power outage. This mem-
ory will last for approximately two weeks,
after which time all information must
be reentered.
Processor Reset
In the rare case where the unit’s opera-
tion or the displays seem abnormal, the
cause may involve the erratic operation of
the system’s memory or microprocessor.
To correct this problem, first unplug the
unit from the AC wall outlet and wait at
least three minutes. After the pause,
reconnect the AC power cord and check
the unit’s operation. If the system still
malfunctions, a system reset may clear
the problem.
To clear the AVR65’s entire system
memory, including tuner presets, output
level settings, delay times and speaker
configuration data, first turn the unit off
by pressing and releasing the Master
Power Switch 1 so that it pops out
from its normal recessed position. Next,
press and hold the AM/FM $ and the
Dolby Pro Logic Ó buttons while
pushing the Master Power Switch
1 in to turn the unit back on. Note
that once you have cleared the memory
in this manner, it is necessary to re-
establish all system configuration
settings and tuner presets.
If the system is still operating incorrectly,
there may have been an electronic
discharge or severe AC line interference
that has corrupted the memory or
If these steps do not solve the problem,
consult an authorized Harman Kardon
service depot.
AVR65 120 volt Rev (C) 10/6/98