Harman-Kardon AVR65 Home Theater System User Manual

Surround Mode Selection
One of the most important features of
the AVR65 is its ability to reproduce a full
multichannel surround sound field from
Dolby Digital sources, analog matrix
surround encoded programs and stan-
dard stereo programs. In all a total of
seven listening modes are available on
the AVR65.
Selection of a surround mode is based on
personal taste, as well as the type of pro-
gram source material being used. For
example, motion pictures or TV programs
bearing the logo of one of the major sur-
round encoding processes, such as Dolby
Surround, DTS Stereo or UltraStereo
may be played in either the Dolby Digital,
Dolby Pro Logic or Movie Surround
depending on the source material.
NOTE: Once a program has been
encoded with surround information, it
retains the surround matrix as long as
the program is broadcast in stereo. Thus,
movies with surround sound will carry
surround information when they are
broadcast via conventional TV stations,
cable, pay TV and satellite transmission.
In addition, a growing number of made-
for-television programs, sports broad-
casts, radio dramas and music CDs are
also recorded in surround sound. You
may obtain a list of these programs and
discs from the Dolby Laboratories web
site at www.dolby.com
When a program is not listed as carrying
intentional surround information, you
may find that Pro Logic or Dolby 3-Stereo
modes often deliver enveloping surround
presentations through the use of the
natural information present in all stereo
recordings. However, for stereo, but non-
surround programs, we suggest that you
try the Hall 1, Hall 2 or Theater modes.
Surround modes are selected using either
the front panel controls or the remote. To
select a surround mode from the front
panel, simply press the button that corre-
sponds to the desired mode
( Ó Ô
. To select a surround mode using the
remote, press the Surround Mode
Selector y, and then press the
buttons g to change the mode. As
you press the buttons, the surround
mode name will appear in the Main
Information Display U, and an
individulal mode indicator will also
light up D/F/J.
Note that the Dolby Digital or DTS modes
may only be selected when a Dolby Digital
source is playing. For more information on
digital sources, see the following section of
this manual.
To listen to a program in traditional two-
channel stereo, using the front left and
front right speakers only (plus the sub-
woofer if installed and configured), press
the Surround Off buttonÚ on the
front panel, or follow the instructions
shown above for using the remote until
SURR OFFappears in the Main
Information Display U. When the
AVR65’s surround circuits are turned off,
and it is in the Stereo mode, the BYPASS
indicator B will illuminate in the
Information Display
AVR65 120 volt Rev (C) 10/6/98