Harman-Kardon AVR65 Home Theater System User Manual

Station Selection
1. Press the AM/FM button
$ k
select the tuner as an input.
2. Press the AM/FM button
$ k
to switch between AM and FM so that the
desired frequency band is selected.
3. Press the Tune Mode button
* q
to select manual or automatic tuning.
When the AUTO indicator Q is illumin-
ated in the Main Information Display the
tuner will only stop at those stations that
have a strong enough signal to be
received with acceptable quality.
When the MONO indicator S is illumin-
ated, the tuner is in a manual mode and
will stop at each frequency increment in
the selected band.
4. To select stations press the Tuning
% t
. When the AUTO indicator
Q is illuminated each press will cause
the tuner to search for the next highest
or lowest frequency station that has an
acceptable signal. When tuning FM sta-
tions in the Auto mode, the tuner will
only select Stereo stations. To tune to the
next station, press the button again. If
the MONO indicator S is illuminated,
tap the Tuning button
% t
advance one frequency increment at a
time, or press and hold it to locate a spe-
cific station. When the TUNED indicator
T illuminates, the station is properly
tuned and should be heard with clarity.
5. Stations may also be tuned directly
by pressing the Direct button
, and
then pressing the Numeric Keys
that correspond to the station’s frequency.
The desired station will automatically
be tuned.
NOTE: When the FM reception of a
station is weak, audio quality will be
increased by switching to Mono mode
by pressing the Tune Mode button
until the STEREO indicator R
goes out.
Preset Tuning
Up to 30 stations may be stored in the
AVR65’s memory for easy recall using the
front panel controls or the remote.
To enter a station to the memory, first
tune the station using the steps outlined
above. Then:
1. Press the Memory button
the remote. Note that MEMORY indicator
P will illuminate and flash in the
Information Display.
2. Within five seconds, press the
Numeric Keys
corresponding to
the location where you wish to store this
station’s frequency.
3. Repeat the process after tuning any
additional stations to be preset.
Recalling Preset Stations
To manually select a station previously
entered in the preset memory, press the
Numeric Keys
that correspond to
the desired station’s memory location.
To manually tune through the list of
stored preset stations one by one, press
the Preset buttons
& s
on the front
panel or remote.
To automatically scan through the sta-
tions entered in the preset memory, press
the Preset Scan button
on the front
panel. The tuner will run through the list
of preset stations, stopping for five seconds
at each one. Press the button again to stop
the scan at your desired station.
Tape Recording
In normal operation, the audio or video
source selected for listening through the
AVR65 is sent to the record outputs.
This means that any program you are
watching or listening to may be recorded
simply by placing machines connected
to the outputs for Tape Monitor f or
Video 1 ¢ in the record mode.
When a tape recorder with separate record
and playback heads is used, you may
monitor the output of the recording by
selecting the T
Mon Selector
9 k
Note that a red LED will illuminate in the
front panel above the T
Mon Selector
to remind you that you are listening to the
record playback instead of the actual input
source being recorded.
NOTE: It is not possible to record the
output of digital sources.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make cer-
tain that you are aware of the copyright
restrictions on any material you copy.
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materials is prohibited by Federal law.
AVR65 120 volt Rev (C) 10/6/98