Toshiba SD-V57HTSU Home Theater System User Manual

VCR Operation (Continued)
Instant Timer Recording
Instant Timer Recording allows you to make a recording
easily of a preset length without using the programma-
ble timer.
Turn on the power of both the DVD/VCR Receiver and the TV.
Be sure the TV is tuned to the DVD/VCR Receiver output channel
(CH3 or 4).
If a direct VIDEO/AUDIO connection is made between the
DVD/VCR Receiver and the TV, set the TV’s source selector to
1. Insert a video cassette with the safety tab intact.
2. Select the desired channel with CH/TRK (
) or
number (0-9) buttons.
The channel number appears on the TV screen.
If you are recording from another source via audio/video
input jacks (at the Rear or Front panel), select
LINE1(L1) or LINE2(L2).
3. Select the desired recording speed (SP or SLP)
with the SP/SLP button.
The tape speed will appear on the TV screen.
4. Press REC/ITR (
) twice.
The menu as illustrated, will appear on the TV screen.
Recording will start. (The indicator will light)
5. Press REC/ITR (
) repeatedly to select the
recording time length.
At the end of the recording, the DVD/VCR Receiver
will stop recording and shut off.
During Instant Timer Recording, changing the channel
on the DVD/VCR Receiver will not be possible.
You can stop the recording by pressing STOP.
Each additional press or REC/ITR(z) increases record-
ing time by 30 minutes until you reach a maximum of 9
Checking the Recording Time
Press REC/ITR (z) once to check the recording time.
The recalled setting will automatically return to the TV
screen after 6 seconds.
To extend the Recording Time
The recording time can be extended anytime by press-
ing REC/ITR (z).
Subsequent presses result in advancing the recording
time by 30-minute increments.
If you press PAUSE/STEP during instant timer recording, the
DVD/VCR Receiver will enter the recording pause mode.
Instant timer recording is cancelled.
If the DVD/VCR Receiver is set to “0H00M”, the DVD/VCR
Receiver goes to normal recording mode.
The unauthorized recording, use, distribution, or revision of
television programs, videotapes, DVDs and other materials,
is prohibited under the Copyright Laws of the United States
and other countries, and may subject you to civil and/or
criminal liability.
Dubbing and Editing
If you wish to edit or dub your camcorder (or another
VCR) recordings to this DVD/VCR Receiver, the rear
(or Front) panel mounted Audio and Video (A/V) input
jacks make the connections quick and easy. These
direct A/V jacks will also provide better picture results
than using the RF jack on the rear panel.
Connect the camcorder’s (or another VCR’s) A/V
outputs to your DVD/VCR Receiver as illustrated on
page 14.
2. Select the input channel “LINE2” (Use INPUT to
select LINE2(L2)).
If you have connected your DVD/VCR Receiver to the A/V
input jacks on the rear of DVD/VCR Receiver, you should
select the input channel LINE1(L1) by pressing INPUT
3. Play the tape in the camcorder (or another VCR).
If you have a TV attached to your DVD/VCR
Receiver, you can see the video playing.
4. When you desire the recording to begin, press
DVD/VCR Receiver’s REC/ITR (
) once to start.
You can stop the recording by pressing STOP.
Before recording, please confirm the recording start position.
Copying from DVD to VCR
This unit allows you to copy the contents of a DVD to a
VHS tape.
Press DVD/CD to select DVD mode.
1. Insert Disc
Insert the disc you wish to copy in the DVD deck
and close the disc tray.
2. Insert VHS Tape
Insert a blank VHS video tape into the VCR deck.
3. Press COPY button on the unit front panel or
press REC/ITR (
) button on the remote control.
The DVD will go into Play mode and the VCR will go
into Record mode.
If the DVD disc menu appears, you may need to press
PLAY manually to begin copying.
“COPY” indicator will light.
4. Stopping the Copy Process
When the DVD is finished playing, press STOP to end
You must stop the Copy process manually when the DVD
movie ends, or the unit may replay and record over and
over again.
If the DVD you are attempting to copy is copy protected, you
will not be able to copy the disc. It is not permitted to copy
Macrovision encoded DVDs. “LOCK” is displayed in the dis-
play window.
When you stop the DVD playback during copying, VCR
recording mode also stops automatically.
You must set Progressive Scan to Off to copy process.