Toshiba SD-V57HTSU Home Theater System User Manual

DVD Operation Setup (Continued)
Parental Control
Movies on DVDs may contain scenes not suitable for chil-
dren. Therefore, discs may contain Parental Control infor-
mation that applies to the complete disc or to certain
scenes on the disc. These scenes are rated from 1 to 8,
and alternatively, more suitable scenes are available for
selection on some discs. Ratings are area dependent.
DVD video discs may or may not respond to the parental
control setting if the Area code of the disc is set wrongly.
The Parental Control feature allows you to prevent discs
from being played by your children or to have certain discs
played with alternative scenes.
1. Select Rating on the Setup menu using
buttons in stop mode.
2. While Rating is selected, press
3. When you have not entered a password yet.
Enter a 4-digit password using the numbered but-
tons to create a personal 4-digit security password,
then press ENTER. Enter the 4-digit password again
and press ENTER to verify.
When you have already entered a password;
Enter a 4-digit password using the numerical
buttons to confirm the personal 4-digit security pass-
word, then press ENTER.
If you make a mistake before pressing ENTER, press
CLEAR and enter 4-digit security password again.
4. Select a rating from 1 to 8 using
One (1) has the most playback restrictions. Eight
(8) has the least playback restrictions.
The limitation will be more severe as the level
number decreases.
Unlock: If you select Unlock, Parental Control is not
active. The disc will play in full.
Ratings 1 to 8: Some discs contain scenes not suit-
able for children. If you set a rating for the DVD, all
disc scenes with the same rating or lower will be
played. Higher rated scenes will not be played
unless an alternative scene is available on the disc.
The alternative must have the same rating or a
lower one. If no suitable alternative is found, play-
back will stop. You must enter the 4-digit password
or change the rating level in order to play the disc.
5. Press ENTER to confirm your rating selection,
then press SETUP to exit the menu.
6. Press OPEN/CLOSE to activate the Parental
Control. If the rating set is lower than the disc
rating, a message will appear. Select “YES” if
you want to continue playback and input the
password followed by ENTER.
Area Code
Enter the code of a area whose standards were used to
rate the DVD video disc, referring to the list (See “Area
Code List”, page 45).
1. Select Area Code using the v/V buttons on the
setup menu.
2. While Area Code is selected, press B.
3. Follow step 3 of “Rating” on left.
4. Select the first character using the v/V buttons.
5. Press 2 to shift to second character and select
the second character using v/V buttons.
6. Press ENTER to confirm your Area code
selection, then press SETUP to exit the menu.
Confirmation of the 4-digit password is necessary when
the password is changed (see Changing the 4-digit
password below ).
Changing the 4-digit password
1 Follow Steps 1-2 as shown above to the left (Rating).
2 Enter the old password, then press ENTER.
3 Select Change using v/V buttons then press
4 Enter the new 4-digit password, then press
5 Enter exactly the same password a second time and
verify by pressing ENTER.
6 Press SETUP to exit the menu.
If you forget your 4-digit password
If you forget your password, to clear the current pass-
word follow the procedure below.
1 Press SETUP to display the setup menu.
2 Enter the 6-digit number 210499.
The 4-digit password is cleared.
3 Enter a new password as shown
above to the left
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