Toshiba SD-V57HTSU Home Theater System User Manual

Before Use
Playable Discs
(8 cm/12 cm disc)
Video CD (VCD)
(8 cm / 12 cm disc)
Audio CD
(8 cm/12 cm disc)
In addition, this unit can play a DVD-R/±RW, SVCD and
CD-R or CD-RW that contains audio titles, MP3, WMA
or JPEG files.
Depending on the conditions of the recording equip-
ment or the CD-R/RW (or DVD-R/±RW) disc itself,
some CD-R/RW (or DVD-R/±RW) discs cannot be
played on the unit.
Do not attach any seal or label to either side (the
labeled side or the recorded side) of a disc.
Do not use irregularly shaped CDs (e.g., heart-
shaped or octagonal). It may result in malfunctions.
Notes on DVDs and Video CDs
Because of problems and errors that can occur during
the creation of DVD and Video CD software and/or the
manufacture of DVD and Video CD discs, Toshiba can-
not guarantee that this DVD/VCR Receiver will play
every feature of every DVD bearing the DVD logo
and/or every Video CD bearing the CD logo. As one of
the creators of DVD technology, Toshiba DVD players
are manufactured using the highest standards of quality,
and as a result, such incompatibilities are rare. If you
happen to experience any difficulty playing a DVD or a
Video CD on this DVD/VCR Receiver, please feel free
to call our Consumer Solution Center (see page 49).
Notes on copyright
The unauthorized recording, use, distribution, or revi-
sion of television programs, videotapes, DVDs and
other materials, is prohibited under the Copyright Laws
of the United States and other countries, and may sub-
ject you to civil and/or criminal liability.
This product incorporates copyright protection technolo-
gy that is protected by method claims of certain U.S.
patents and other intellectual property rights owned by
Macrovision Corporation and other rights owners. Use
of this copyright protection technology must be author-
ized by Macrovision Corporation, and is intended for
home and other limited viewing uses only unless other-
wise authorized by Macrovision Corporation. Reverse
engineering or disassembly is prohibited.
Regional code of the DVD/VCR Receiver and DVDs
This DVD/VCR Receiver is designed and man-
ufactured for playback of region “1” encoded
DVD software. The region code on the labels of
some DVDs indicates which type of player can
play those discs. This unit can only play DVDs labelled
“1” or “ALL”. If you try to play any other discs, the mes-
sage “Check Regional Code” will appear on the TV
screen. Some DVDs that have no region code label
may still be subject to area restrictions and therefore
not playable.
Note on DTS-encoded CDs
When playing DTS-encoded CDs, excessive noise may
be exhibited from the analog stereo output. To avoid
possible damage to the audio system, turn down the
volume before playing back such discs, adjust the vol-
ume gradually, and keep the volume level low. To enjoy
DTS Digital Surround
playback, an external 5.1 chan-
nel DTS Digital Surround
decoder system must be con-
nected to the digital output of the unit.
Disc-related Terms
Title (DVD only)
The main film content or accompanying feature content
or additional feature content, or music album.
Each title is assigned a title reference number enabling
you to locate it easily.
Chapter (DVD only)
Sections of a picture or a musical piece that are smaller
than titles. A title is composed of one or several chap-
ters. Each chapter is assigned a chapter number,
enabling you to locate the chapter you want. Depending
on the disc, chapters may not be recorded.
Track (Video CD and Audio CD only)
Sections of a picture or a musical piece on a video CD
or an audio CD. Each track is assigned a track number,
enabling you to locate the track you want.
On a video CD with PBC (Playback control) functions,
moving pictures and still pictures are divided into sec-
tions called “Scenes”. Each scene is displayed in the
menu screen and assigned a scene number, enabling
you to locate the scene you want.
A scene is composed of one or several tracks.
Types of Video CDs
There are two types of Video CDs:
Video CDs equipped with PBC (Version 2.0)
PBC (Playback control) functions allow you to interact
with the system via menus, search functions, or other
typical computer-like operations. Moreover, still pictures
of high resolution can be played if they are included in
the disc.
Video CDs not equipped with PBC (Version 1.1)
Operated in the same way as audio CDs, these discs
allow playback of video pictures as well as sound, but
they are not equipped with PBC.