Toshiba SD-V57HTSU Home Theater System User Manual

VCR Operation (Continued)
Tape Counter Memory Feature
Real-Time Counter
Shows length of tape run in hours, minutes, and
seconds. Press CLK/CNT to select the real-time
counter display.
Every press of CLK/CNT changes the TV screen as
illustrated below.
Counter changes to “0:00:00” when the cassette is
The real-time counter does not operate if nothing is
recorded on the tape.
The real-time counter will not work unless a tape is
During the “L1 OPT” mode, the OSD(On Screen
Display) can not be changed.
Counter Memory Feature
This is useful if there is a section of tape you want to
view immediately after recording or if you want to return
to the same point several times.
1. Begin recording or playing a tape.
2. Press CLK/CNT repeatedly to display the
real-time counter on the TV screen.
3. At the point that you want to locate later, reset
the real-time counter to “0:00:00” by pressing
4. Continue to play or record.
5. Press STOP when recording or playback
6. Press REW (
The tape automatically stops when the tape counter
returns to about “0:00:00”.
Tape Remaining
This function shows the remaining time on the tape
during recording or playback.
Press CLK/CNT repeatedly until the REM indicator
displays on the TV screen during recording or playback.
The remaining tape length indicator may not be displayed
correctly depending on the condition of the tape and the kind of
the tape (T-140, T-160, or T-210 etc)
Additional Information
In manual recording, Timer recording, Instant Timer
Recording, playback, or fast forward modes, the DVD/VCR
Receiver automatically starts rewinding the tape at the end
of the tape. The cassette will stop at the beginning of the
tape and be ejected, and the DVD/VCR Receiver will turn
itself off.
After you have finished using the DVD/VCR Receiver,
rewind, eject, and remove the cassette. Place the cassette
in its protective sleeve to protect it from dust. It is not nec-
essary to rewind the cassette before removing it, but if you
do, it will be ready to play or record the next time you use it.
Be sure the DVD/VCR Receiver Channel Selector is on the
correct channel you wish to record. The channel that is
being recorded can always be checked by tuning the televi-
sion to the DVD/VCR Receiver channel (3 or 4) and press-
ing the VCR button to set the DVD/VCR Receiver to VCR
mode (VCR appears in the display window).
Do not attempt to hook up more than one television set to
the DVD/VCR Receiver for either recording or playback.
Auto Play System
This DVD/VCR Receiver features automatic playback.
Load a cassette (with the safety tab removed).
The Output Source is changed to VCR mode automatically.
The power turns on automatically and playback begins.
At the end of the tape, the DVD/VCR Receiver stops and
rewinds the tape.
The cassette is ejected after rewinding and the VCR turns
itself off automatically.
Auto power off does not function during regular DVD play
mode. (DVD/VCR Receiver power stays on.)
S-VHS Quasi Playback (SQPB)
This DVD/VCR Receiver can also play back a tape which is
recorded in S-VHS playback picture.
This DVD/VCR Receiver cannot record in S-VHS format
SQPB is an abbreviation for S-VHS Quasi Playback.
2:15 AM 0:05:25 REM 1:07