Toshiba SD-V57HTSU Home Theater System User Manual

VCR Operation
Normal Playback
Turn on the TV.
Tune the TV to the DVD/VCR Receiver output channel (CH
3 or 4) or set the TV’s source selector to VIDEO.
If a direct VIDEO/AUDIO connection is made between the
DVD/VCR Receiver and the TV, set the TV’s source selector
Set the Output Source to VCR as shown in “Selecting the
Input/Output Source” on page 15.
1. Insert a prerecorded video cassette.
The indicator will light and the DVD/VCR Receiver
will power-up automatically.
Make sure that the indicator in the display
window is not lighted. If it is, press POWER once.
If a tape without a safety tab is inserted, the unit will
start playback automatically.
2. Press PLAY once.
PLAY appears on the TV screen .
It is not necessary to select the tape speed for
playback. It will be automatically selected by the
DVD/VCR Receiver.
In playback, the TV/VCR selector switches to VCR
mode automatically.
3. Press STOP to stop playback.
STOP appears on the TV screen.
If the tape reaches the end before STOP is pressed, the
DVD/VCR Receiver will automatically stop, rewind and
eject the tape, and it will turn itself off.
Tracking Control
Auto Tracking
The automatic tracking function adjusts the picture to
remove snow or streaks.
The AUTO TRACKING function works in the following
A tape is played back for the first time.
Tape speed (SP, SLP) changes.
Streaks or snow appear because of scratches on the tape.
Manual Tracking
If noise appears on the screen during playback, press
either CH/TRK (
) on the remote control or CH/PRE-
SET ( / ) on the front panel until the noise on the
screen is reduced.
If vertical jitter is present, adjust tracking controls very
Tracking is automatically reset to normal when the tape is
ejected or the power cord is unplugged for more than 3
Special Effect Playbacks
Special effects playback notes
Horizontal lines (noise bars) will appear on the TV screen.
This is normal.
The audio is automatically muted during special effect modes,
so there is no sound during search.
During high-speed picture search mode, a short period is
needed to stabilize tape speed when re-entering the PLAY
mode. Slight interference may be observed during this period.
This function lets you quickly and visually search for a
desired tape section in either direction: forward or
1 Press REW (m) or FWD (M) during playback. The
DVD/VCR Receiver will be activated in the SEARCH
2 To return to playback, press PLAY.
Still Picture and Frame-by-Frame
1 Press PAUSE/STEP during playback.
Still picture will appear on the TV screen.
If a still picture vibrates vertically, stabilize it using
CH/TRK(v/V) on the remote control.
If the DVD/VCR Receiver is left in the STILL mode for
more than 5 minutes, the DVD/VCR Receiver will auto-
matically enter the STOP mode to protect the tape and
video heads.
Press PAUSE/STEP repeatedly to advance the
video picture one frame at a time while viewing a still
3 To return to playback, press PLAY.
Slow Motion
1 Press SLOW.
The tape will be played back at a speed 1/19 times
slower than the normal speed.
During slow playback, use CH/TRK (v/V) on the Remote
Control to minimize noise bands.
If slow motion mode continues for more than 3 minutes,
the DVD/VCR Receiver will automatically change to play-
back mode.
2 To return to playback, press PLAY.
Variable playback speed control
During Playback use
, you can reach the follow-
ing playback speeds.
(-7xplay (REV), -3xplay (-3PLY), -play (-PLAY), still
(STILL), 1/19 slow (SLOW), play (PLAY), 2xplay (2PLY),
During slow motion and shuttle, the noise bars may
appear on the picture according to the status of tape.
If distortions can be seen in the picture, reduce them
with CH/TRK (v/V) on the remote control.