Pioneer CX303 Home Theater System User Manual

Before you start 01
Range of the remote control unit
The remote control has a range of about
7 meters. It may not work properly if:
There are obstacles between the remote
control and this unit’s remote sensor.
Direct sunlight or fluorescent light is
shining onto the remote sensor.
This system is located near a device that is
emitting infrared rays.
This unit is operated simultaneously with
another infrared remote control unit.
Attaching the non-skid pads
Use the self-adhesive non-skid pads to provide
a stable base for the speakers. Attach four to
each speaker as shown below.
The illustration shows the CX505.
CX500 model only – Attach the non-skid
pads to four corners on the bottom surface
of each speaker. (The shape of the speaker
is different from the CX505 model)
CX303 model only – Attach the non-skid
pads to four corners on the bottom surface
of the Front speaker.
Placing the subwoofer
The subwoofer supplied with this system can
be placed upright or on its side (flat). Choose
the position that works best for your room, then
attach the non-skid pads as shown below.
Do not place other speakers (front/center/
surround) on top of the subwoofer.
There is a risk that they will fall and cause
Removing the speaker grilles
CX505/CX303 model only
If necessary, remove the front speaker grilles
as described below.
1 Gently ease the grille loose by gripping
the bottom and pulling towards you.
2 Pull the top free in the same way.
When reattaching, start from the top then push
the bottom in until secure.
It is not recommended (due to dirt and
dust) to leave the speaker grilles removed.
Do not install your speakers overhead on
the ceiling or wall. If improperly attached,
the speaker grille can fall and cause
damage or personal injury.
Front speaker
Center speaker
Surround speaker
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