Pioneer CX303 Home Theater System User Manual

Before you start01
Chapter 1
Before you start
Checking what’s in the box
Please check that you’ve received the following
supplied accessories:
Remote control
AA/R6 dry cell batteries (to confirm system
operation) x2
•Video cord
•AM loop antenna
•FM antenna
•Power cord:
Duty free model x2
Argentine (CX303 only), Taiwan,
Philippines models x2
All other models x1
Power plug adapter x1 (CX303 Argentine
model only)
Speaker cables x5 (S-CX500 only)
Brackets x2 (S-CX500 only)
Screw x8 (S-CX500 only)
Non-skid pads for center speaker x4
(S-CX505 only) / for front, center, surround
speaker x24 (S-CX500 only)
Non-skid pads for front speaker x8
(S-CX505, S-CX303)
Non-skid pads for surround speaker
(S-CX505 only)
Non-skid pads for subwoofer x4
Spiral wrap x2 (S-CX500 only)
These operating instructions
Loading the batteries
Use AA/R6 batteries with the supplied remote
control. Make sure to follow the indications (,
) inside the compartment.
Incorrect use of batteries may result in such
hazards as leakage and bursting. Observe the
following precautions:
Never use new and old batteries together.
Insert the plus and minus sides of the
batteries properly according to the marks
in the battery case.
Batteries with the same shape may have
different voltages. Do not use different
batteries together.
When disposing of used batteries, please
comply with governmental regulations or
environmental public instruction’s rules
that apply in your country or area.
Do not use or store batteries in direct
sunlight or other excessively hot place,
such as inside a car or near a heater. This
can cause batteries to leak, overheat,
explode or catch fire. It can also reduce the
life or performance of batteries. 6 ページ 2007年6月28日 木曜日 午後5時42分