Pioneer CX303 Home Theater System User Manual

Home theater sound06
Chapter 6
Home theater sound
CX505/CX500 model only
About the listening modes
As explained in Home theater sound setup on
page 24, there are two basic surround speaker
setup options available. Of course you can
select any of the listening modes regardless of
how you place your speakers, but you will
achieve the best surround effect by using the
listening modes in conjunction with your
speaker setup:
Standard surround setup – Use the
Standard (Listening in surround sound
below) surround listening modes with this
Front surround setup – See Using Front
Surround on page 27 for the options
available with this speaker setup.
Make sure you have completed Setting the
channel levels on page 25.
Auto listening mode
The Auto listening mode is the simplest way to
listen to any source as it was mastered: the
output from the speakers mirrors the channels
in the source material.
to select the AUTO
listening mode.
Listening in surround sound
You can listen to stereo or multichannel
sources in surround sound. Surround sound is
generated from stereo sources using one of
the Dolby Pro Logic decoding modes.
1 Switch to the
or USB input
repeatedly to select a
listening mode.
The choices that appear in the display will vary
according to the type of source that’s playing.
AUTO – Auto listening mode (see above)
DOLBY PL (Dolby Pro Logic) – 4.1 channel
surround sound for use with any two-
channel source
MOVIE (Dolby Pro Logic II Movie) – Pro
Logic II 5.1 channel surround sound,
especially suited to movie sources (use
with any two-channel source)
MUSIC (Dolby Pro Logic II Music) – Pro
Logic II 5.1 channel surround sound,
especially suited to music sources, for use
with any two-channel source
STEREO – See Listening in stereo below
1 If the source is Dolby Digital or DTS, the corresponding indicator lights in the front panel display. Page 26 Wednesday, June 27, 2007 2:39 PM