Pioneer CX303 Home Theater System User Manual

Additional information 13
Key lock setting
LOCK ON – Makes the front panel buttons
and controls inoperative.
LOCK OFF – Restores regular use of the
front panel buttons and controls.
Volume mode setting
If you want to make finer adjustments of the
FINE – 60 steps
NORMAL – 30 steps
Setting the sleep timer
The sleep timer switches off the system after
about an hour so you can fall asleep without
worrying about it.
repeatedly to select an
Choose between the following options:
SLP ON – Switches off after about an hour
SLP OFF – Cancels the sleep timer
After selecting SLP ON, you can press SLEEP
again to check how much time is left. Each line
indicates approximately 12 minutes
Disc/content format playback
This player is compatible with a wide range of
disc types (media) and formats. Playable discs
will generally feature one of the following logos
on the disc and/or disc packaging. Note
however that some disc types, such as
recordable CD and DVD, may be in an
unplayable format.
See the About DualDisc playback below for
more information.
This unit will play DVD+R/+RW discs.
is a trademark of FUJIFILM Corporation.
is a trademark of DVD Format/Logo
Licensing Corporation.
Also compatible with KODAK Picture CD.
This player supports the IEC’s Super VCD
standard for superior picture quality, dual
soundtracks, and widescreen support.
About DualDisc playback
A DualDisc is a new two -sided disc, one side
of which contains DVD content video, audio,
etc. while the other side contains non-DVD
content such as digital audio material.
The non-DVD, audio side of the disc is not
compliant with the CD Audio specification and
therefore may not play.
The DVD side of a DualDisc plays in this
product. DVD-Audio content will not play.
For more detailed information on the DualDisc
specification, please refer to the disc
manufacturer or disc retailer.
1 The Front panel display dims when the sleep timer is set and the sleep indicator turns on.
SLP --- --
Video CD
Fujicolor CD
Audio CD CD-R
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