Pioneer CX303 Home Theater System User Manual

Disc playback features07
Chapter 7
Disc playback features
Many of the functions covered in this
chapter apply to DVD discs, Video CDs/
Super VCDs, CDs, DivX video and WMA/
MP3/MPEG-4 AAC/JPEG discs, although
the exact operation of some varies slightly
with the kind of disc loaded.
Some DVDs restrict the use of some
functions (random or repeat, for example)
in some or all parts of the disc. This is not a
When playing Video CD/Super VCDs, some
of the functions are not available during
PBC playback. If you want to use them,
start the disc playing using a number
button to select a track.
Scanning discs
You can fast-scan discs forward or backward at
various different speeds.
During playback, press
to start
Press repeatedly to increase the scanning
speed (shown on-screen).
To resume playback, press (play).
Playing in slow motion
You can play DVDs, Video CD/Super VCDs and
DivX video at four different forward slow
motion speeds. DVD discs can also be played
in reverse slow motion.
1 During playback, press
2 Press and hold
until slow
motion playback starts.
Press repeatedly to change the slow motion
speed (shown on-screen).
To resume playback, press (play).
Frame advance/frame reverse
With DVD discs, you can move advance/back
frame-by-frame. With Video CD/Super VCDs
and DivX video you can only use frame
1 During playback, press
to reverse or
advance a frame at a time.
To resume playback, press (play).
Playing a JPEG slideshow
After loading a disc containing JPEG pictures,
press to start a slideshow from the first
folder/picture on the disc.
The player displays
the pictures in each folder in alphabetical
If the disc contains WMA/MP3/MPEG-4
AAC files, playback of the slideshow and
audio files repeats. During audio playback,
you can still use the skip (/), scan
(/) and pause () functions.
Pictures are automatically adjusted so that
they fill as much of the screen as possible.
1 Only one speed is available for DivX video discs.
2 • Depending on the disc, normal playback may automatically resume when a new chapter is reached on a DVD disc.
• For Video CDs/Super VCDs in PBC mode and WMA/MP3/MPEG-4 AAC tracks (in Scan Mode only), normal playback resumes
when you reach the beginning or the end of a track.
3 • The time it takes for the player to load a file increases with large file sizes.
• Discs can contain up to 299 folders and up to 648 folders and files combined. Page 28 Wednesday, June 27, 2007 2:39 PM