Pioneer CX303 Home Theater System User Manual

Connecting up02
Chapter 2
Connecting up
Before making or changing any
connections, switch off the power and
unplug the power cord from the AC outlet.
When making cable connections, make
sure not to bend the cables over the top of
this unit. This may cause a humming noise
from the speakers.
Connecting the speaker terminals
Connect the wires from the speakers to the
terminals on the main unit rear panel as shown
below. Before connecting, you may want to
consider the placement options available in
your room, and when using this system:
CX303 model only – Place the front left and
right speakers at equal distances from the
TV, then connect them as shown below.
CX505/CX500 model only – A color-coded
system is provided for speaker connections
(see Multichannel speaker connections
below). See Home theater sound setup on
page 24 for surround placement options.
Do not connect this speaker to any amplifier
other than the one supplied with this
system. Connection to any other amplifier
may result in a malfunction or fire.
Make sure that the bare speaker wires
cannot touch each other, or come into
contact with other metal parts once the
unit is switched on.
Match the color-coded speaker plugs to
the colored speaker terminals on the rear of
the unit (as shown below).
Make sure to insert completely. The small lug
at the wire-end of the speaker plug should face
up or down depending on whether it’s being
plugged into one of the upper or lower three
speaker terminals. Please make sure to
connect correctly.
CX500 only: The front and surround
speaker cables have a color-coded connector
at one end and two bare wires at the other
1 The speakers supplied with this system are magnetically shielded. However, placing them extremely close to a television may
result in color distortion on the screen. If this happens, move the speakers a little further away and switch off the television for
15 to 30 minutes.
Upper terminals
Lower terminals
Color-coded wire
(Connect to speaker)
Color-coded connector
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