Pioneer CX303 Home Theater System User Manual

Additional information 13
DVD/CD/Video CD player
SND. DEMO shows in the
display and the unit can’t be
• Press and hold (stop) on the front panel for about five seconds. The
disc tray ejects automatically to indicate the Sound Demo mode is
TRAYLOCK shows in the display
and the tray can’t be ejected.
• Press and hold OPEN/CLOSE on the front panel for about eight
seconds. Then the tray can be opened/closed using OPEN/CLOSE.
Problem Remedy
Problem Remedy
The disc is ejected
automatically after loading.
• Clean the disc and align the disc properly in the disc guide.
• If the region number on a DVD-video disc does not match the number on
the player, the disc cannot be used (see DVD Video regions on page 49). In
this case, the message “Incompatible disc region number/Can’t play disc.”
appears on-screen.
• Allow time for any condensation inside the player to evaporate. Avoid
using the player near an air-conditioning unit.
Playback is not possible. • Disc may be loaded upside down. Reload the disc with the label side face
Picture playback stops and the
operation buttons cannot be
• Press , then start playback again ().
• Switch the power off once, then on again using the front panel
STANDBY/ON button.
Settings are canceled. • If the power is cut during operation, settings may be canceled.
No picture/No color. • Check that connections are correct and that plugs are inserted fully.
• Check the instruction manual of the TV/monitor to make sure the TV/
monitor settings are incorrect.
• If the Progressive setting is selected and you have used component
video cables to connect a TV that is not compatible with a progressive scan
signal, you will not be able to see any picture at all. With your TV connected
using either the composite or S-video terminals, change the Component
Out setting to Interlace (see Video Output settings on page 42).
Screen is stretched or aspect
does not change.
• The TV Screen setting is incorrect. Set the TV Screen option to match the
TV/monitor you’re using (see Video Output settings on page 42).
When recorded on a VCR or
passed through an AV selector,
there is disturbance in the
playback picture.
• This system uses copy-protection technology which may prevent
recording or cause picture problems when connected through a VCR or AV
selector. This is not a malfunction.
Picture disturbance during
playback or dark.
• This player is compatible with Macro-Vision System copy guard. Some
discs include a copy prevention signal, and when this type of disc is played
back, stripes etc., may appear on some sections of the picture depending
on the TV. This is not a malfunction.
• Discs respond differently to particular player functions. This may result in
the screen becoming black for a brief instant or shaking slightly when the
function is executed. These problems are largely due to differences
between discs and disc content and are not malfunctions of this player. Page 53 Wednesday, June 27, 2007 2:39 PM