Pioneer CX303 Home Theater System User Manual

Connecting up 02
Since there is only one terminal to connect
the two center speakers, you will need to
use the supplied Y-cable for the
Twist and pull off the protective shields on
each wire.
Connect the wires to the speaker. Each
speaker in the illustration can be identified
by means of the color-coded indicator
provided on the rear-surface model label.
Match the color-coded wire with the color
indicator on the model label, then insert
the color-coded wire into the red (+) side
and the other wire into the black () side.
When connecting the center speakers,
connect the Y-cable dual end to the two
center speakers in the same way.
When connections are completed, adjust
the cable placements. If the speakers have
been fixed with the brackets, fix the cable
to the groove in the brackets as shown.
Fasten the cables together with the spiral
Hold multiple cables together and place
the wrap over the cables from the end.
Wrap the spiral wrap with the cables in the
The spiral wrap may be cut at a desired
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