Yamaha HTR-5130 Stereo System User Manual

You are the proud owner of a Yamaha stereo receiver – an extremely sophisticated audio component. The Digital Sound Field
Processor (DSP) built into this unit takes advantage of Yamaha’s undisputed leadership in the field of digital audio processing to
bring you a whole new world of listening experiences. Follow the instructions in this manual carefully when setting up your system,
and this unit will sonically transform your room into a wide range of listening environments – movie theater, concert hall, and so on.
In addition, you get incredible realism from sources encoded with Dolby Surround using the built-in Dolby Pro Logic Surround
Please read this owner’s manual carefully and store it in a safe place for later reference.
Digital Sound Field Processing
What is it that makes live music so good? Today’s advanced
sound reproduction technology lets you get extremely close to
the sound of a live performance, but chances are you’ll still
notice something missing: the acoustic environment of the live
concert hall. Extensive research into the exact nature of the
sonic reflections that create the ambience of a large hall has
made it possible for Yamaha engineers to bring you this same
sound in your own listening room, so you’ll feel all the sound of
a live concert.
Dolby Pro Logic Surround
This unit employs a Dolby Pro Logic Surround decoder similar
to professional Dolby Stereo decoders used in many movie
theaters. By using the Dolby Pro Logic Surround decoder, you
can experience the dramatic realism and impact of Dolby
Surround movie theater sound in your own home. Dolby Pro
Logic employs a four channel five speaker system. The Pro
Logic Surround system divides the input signal into four levels:
the left and right main channels, the center channel (used for
dialog), and the rear surround sound channel (used for sound
effects, background noise, and other ambient noises). The
center channel allows listeners seated in even less-than-ideal
positions to hear the dialog originating from the action on the
screen while experiencing good stereo imaging.
Dolby Surround is encoded on the sound track of pre-recorded
video tapes, laser discs, and some TV/cable broadcasts. When
you play a source encoded with Dolby Surround on this unit,
the Dolby Pro Logic Surround decoder decodes the signal and
distributes the surround-sound effects.
Dolby Pro Logic Surround + DSP
A Dolby Surround sound system shows its full ability in a large
movie theater, because movie sounds are originally designed
to be reproduced in a large movie theater using many
speakers. It is difficult to create a sound environment similar to
that of a movie theater in your listening room, because the
room size, materials of inside walls, the number of speakers,
etc. of your listening room is much different from those of a
movie theater.
Yamaha DSP technology made it possible to present you with
nearly the same sound experience as that of a large movie
theater in your listening room by compensating for lack of
presence and dynamics in your listening room with its original
digital sound fields combined with Dolby Surround sound field.
Furthermore, our technicians, armed with sophisticated
measuring equipment, have even made it possible to capture
the acoustics of a variety of venues such as an actual concert
hall, theater, etc. to allow you to accurately recreate one of
several actual live performance environments, all in your own
This Dolby Pro Logic Surround Decoder employs a digital
signal processing system. This system improves the stability of
sound at each channel and minimizes crosstalk between
channels, so that positioning of sounds around the room is
more accurate compared with conventional analog signal
processing systems.
In addition, this unit features a built-in automatic input balance
control. This always assures you the best performance without
manual adjustment.
Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. “Dolby”,
“AC-3”, “Pro Logic” and the double-D symbol are trademarks of
Dolby Laboratories.
The combination of Dolby Pro Logic Surround and DSP is used
on the sound field program “
The YAMAHA “CINEMA DSP” logo indicates these programs
are created by the combination of Dolby Pro Logic and
YAMAHA DSP technology.