Yamaha HTR-5130 Stereo System User Manual

This unit incorporates a sophisticated, multi-program digital sound field processor. The processor allows you to electronically expand
and change the shape of the audio sound field from both audio and video sources, creating a theater-like experience in your
listening room. You can create an excellent audio sound field by selecting a suitable sound field program (this will, of course, depend
on what you will be listening to), and adding desired adjustments.
In addition, this unit incorporates a Dolby Pro Logic Surround decoder for multi-channel sound reproduction of sources encoded with
Dolby Surround. The operation of the Dolby Pro Logic Surround decoder can be controlled by selecting a corresponding DSP
program including a combined operation of Yamaha DSP and Dolby Pro Logic Surround.
Brief Overview of Digital Sound Field Programs
The following list gives you a brief description of the sound fields produced by each of the DSP programs. Keep in mind that most of
these are precise digital recreations of actual acoustic environments. The data for these sound fields was recorded at actual
locations using sophisticated sound field measurement equipment.
The channel level balance between the left and right rear effect speakers may vary depending on the sound field you are
listening to. This is due to the fact that most of these sound field recreations are actual acoustic environments.
This program is used for playback of sources encoded with Dolby Surround.
The application of a sophisticated digital signal processing system reduces crosstalk and directs or steers
the sound source more smoothly and precisely, as compared to conventional types.
This program is also used for playback of sources encoded with Dolby Surround.
Enhancing the “Normal” Dolby Pro Logic, the DSP technology simulates the multi-surround speaker
systems of a 35 mm movie theater. This effect creates a wide surround sound field, and expands the
sound stage with an improved presence image. This program is used for musical based movies, as well
as drama and comedy based movies.
This program is effective for music videos and gives excellent depth and clarity for vocals. For opera, the
orchestra and stage are ideally recreated, letting you feel as if you were in an actual concert hall.
This program is designed specifically to enhance mono source programs. Compared to a strictly mono
setting, the sound image created in this mode is wider and slightly forward of the speaker pair, lending an
immediacy to the overall sound. It is particularly effective when used with old mono movies, news
broadcasts and dialog.
This program is furnished with a tight sound field in which the sound will not spread excessively on the
front side, but the rear surround side produces a dynamic sound expansion. This program is the most
suitable for sports programs.
This program recreates the acoustic environment of a lively disco in the heart of a very lively city. The
sound is dense and highly concentrated. It is also characterized by a high-energy, “immediate” sound.
This program is ideally suited for rock music. You will experience a very dynamic or lively sound field.
In this program, the center will appear to be deep behind the main speakers, creating an expansive large
hall ambience. Orchestra and opera music are suited for this sound field.