Yamaha HTR-5130 Stereo System User Manual

9 Adjust the sound output levels of the center speaker
and the rear speakers so that they sound as similar as
possible to the level of the main speakers.
Make the adjustment of each speaker output level at your
listening position with the remote control transmitter.
a) Press once or more so that “CENTER” or “REAR”
appears on the display.
* Select “CENTER” to adjust the output level of the
center speaker, and select “REAR” to adjust the
output level of the rear speakers.
b) Adjust the level.
* Pressing the + side raises the level and the – side
lowers the level.
10 Cancel the test tone.
Once you have completed these adjustments, you can
adjust the overall sound level of your audio system by using
the VOLUME control (or the VOLUME keys on the remote
control transmitter) only.
If you use external power amplifiers, you may also use their
volume controls to achieve proper balance.
In step 9, if the center channel mode is in the “PHANTOM”
position, the sound output level of the center speaker cannot
be adjusted, because the center sound is automatically
output from the left and right main speakers.
-10dB 0dB
MAIN LEVEL switch HTR-5130RDS only
If the main speakers are distinctly louder than the rear
speakers even after making balance adjustments, it is
possible to decrease the output level of the MAIN SPEAKERS
terminals by 10 dB by setting this switch to “–10 dB”.
Otherwise, keep this switch set to “0 dB”.