Yamaha CRW-F1-NB CD Player User Manual

CD-MRW (CD Mount Rainier ReWriting)
This method is a new standard of packet writing for a CD-RW disc and supports
defect control by the drive, background formatting, and disc ejecting during
formatting. It enables you to use a CD-RW disc like a floppy disk.
Formatting a CD-RW disc using CD-MRW reduces its storage capacity by about 150MB
since CD-MRW requires exclusive disc space.
Constant Linear Velocity (CLV)
The disc rotation speed is adjusted to keep the data transfer rate constant while
writing/reading data.
Constant Angular Velocity (CAV)
The data transfer rate is adjusted to keep the disc rotation speed constant while
writing/reading data. The Full CAV method employs CAV all through data writing/
Partial CAV
The CAV method is employed for inner tracks of a disc and the CLV method for
outer tracks while writing/reading data.