Yamaha CRW-F1-NB CD Player User Manual

Preparing the CRW-F1 Drive
The following describes how to install the CRW-F1 drive as an additional drive for
Prepare to install.
Installing the CRW-F1 drive as an additional drive
Remove the front cover from the 5 ¼-inch drive bay.
Remove all cables connected to the CD-ROM or other devices to be replaced.
Then remove the device itself from the computer.
Be careful not to damage the various cables connected to the rear panel of the
CD-ROM drive.
The audio cable is usually caught by the hook at the top of the connector.
Release the hook and remove the connector without using excessive force.
Do not apply excessive force to the CD-ROM drive or cables.
Hold the cable by the connector to remove the cable. Pulling the cable itself with
excessive force may damage the wires inside.
3 Install the CRW-F1 Drive
Audio cable
IDE cable 4-pin internal power