Yamaha CRW-F1-NB CD Player User Manual

Preparing the CRW-F1 Drive
The 40-pin IDE cable (with 40 wires) included in a Yamaha retail kit supports
Ultra ATA/33. IDE devices connected to the 40-pin IDE cable are operated with
Ultra ATA/33 even if the devices support Ultra ATA/66 or Ultra ATA/100.
The CRW-F1 drive is operated with Ultra ATA/33 even if the drive can be
connected by an IDE cable (with 80 wires) supporting Ultra ATA/66 or Ultra
Use an IDE cable no longer than 45.7 cm (18 inches).
When two IDE devices are connected to one IDE cable, be sure to assign each as
master/slave respectively.
Connect an audio cable if necessary.
The sound card of the computer enables you to listen to audio CDs played
back on the CRW-F1 drive. There are two methods to connect the CRW-F1
drive and the sound card: analog connection and digital connection.
Audio CD playback
Audio is available from the headphones or speakers connected to the
headphone jack on the front panel of the CRW-F1 drive (this is convenient
for the computer without a sound card). In such a case, connecting an audio
cable is not required.
An audio cable is not required to extract an image file from an audio CD
since data is transferred via the IDE cable.
If the CRW-F1 drive is installed as an additional drive and a CD-ROM
drive or a DVD-ROM drive is already connected to the sound card, using
the existing drive to play back an audio CD is recommended.