Yamaha CRW-F1-NB CD Player User Manual

Preparing the CRW-F1 Drive
The CRW-F1 drive is set at slave by default. Set the device to master and connect the
device to the end of the cable when connecting an IDE device to an IDE cable solely.
Connecting the CRW-F1 drive as the primary master is recommended if no IDE
device is connected to the primary IDE cable such as the case that the operating
system is started up from a SCSI hard drive.
Some IDE cables have only one connector to connect the device. Prepare an IDE
cable with two connectors to connect the devices if another connector is required.
Check the master/slave setting prior to connecting the removed device to another
connector. For more details, refer to the instruction for the device or refer to the
manufacturer’s website.
Enhanced-IDE (E-IDE)
E-IDE is a standard for connecting computers to IDE devices such as hard drives, CD-
ROM drives and CD-R/RW drives. Most computers have two IDE connectors (primary
and secondary). Each connector can be connected to two devices with an IDE cable.
Two IDE devices connected by one IDE cable are called “master” and “slave.”
MasterMotherboard Primary