Harman-Kardon AVR 135 Stereo Receiver User Manual

Thank you for choosing Harman Kardon
! With
the purchase of a Harman Kardon AVR 135, you are
about to begin many years of listening enjoyment.
Designed to provide all the excitement and detail of
movie soundtracks and
y nuance of musical selec-
tions, the AVR 135
accomplishes its mission by har-
nessing advanced technologies usually found only in
higher-priced receivers.
The AVR 135 has been engineered so that it is easy
to take advantage of all the power of its digital tech-
nology. However, to obtain the maximum enjoyment
from your new receiver, we urge you to read this
manual. A few minutes spent learning the functions of
the various controls will enable you to take advantage
of all the power the AVR 135 is able to deliver.
If you have any questions about this product,
its instal-
lation or its operation, please contact your retailer or
custom installer. They are your best local sources of
Description and Features
The AVR 135 is versatile and multifeatured, incorpo-
rating a wide range of listening options. In addition to
* Digital and DTS
decoding for digital sources,
a broad choice of Matrix surround-encoded or Stereo
surround modes are available for use with sources
such as CD, VCR, TV broadcasts and the AVR 135’s
own FM/AM tuner.Along with Dolby Digital EX, Dolby
Pro Logic
* II, DTS Neo:6
, Dolby 3 Stereo, and Hall
and Theater modes, the AVR 135 offers Harman
International’s exclusive Logic 7
processing in both
5.1 and 7.1 versions to create a wider, more enveloping
field environment and more defined fly-overs and pans.
Another exclusive is VMAx
, which uses proprietary
processing to create an open,
spacious sound field
even when only two front speakers are available.
In addition to providing a wide range of listening
options, the AVR 135 is easy to configure so that it
provides the best results with your speakers and spe
cific listening-room environment. On-screen menus
make it simple to enter settings for speaker configura-
tions and bass management.
For the ultimate in flexibility, the AVR 135 features
connections for four video devices, all with both com-
posite and S-video inputs.Two additional audio inputs
are available
, and six digital inputs make the AVR 135
capable of handling all the latest digital audio sources
For compatibility with the latest HDTV video sources
and progressive scan DVD players, the AVR 135 also
features two-input, wide-bandwidth, low-crosstalk
component video switching
The front panel offers coax and optical digital inputs
for direct connection to digital recorders.A video
recording output, preamp-out and a color-coded
eight-channel input, with complete digital bass man-
make the AVR 135 virtually future-proof, with
everything needed to accommodate tomorrow’s new
formats right onboard.
The AVR 135’s powerful amplifier uses traditional
Harman Kardon high-current design technologies
to meet the wide dynamic range of any program
Harman Kardon invented the high-fidelity receiver
more than fifty years ago.With
state-of-the-art circuitry
and time-honored circuit designs, the AVR 135 is the
perfect combina
tion of the latest in digital audio tech-
nology, a
quiet yet powerful analog amplifier in an
gant, easy-to-use package.
For Canadian model
Modèle pour les Canadien
A wide range of digital and matrix surround
modes, including Dolby
Digital, Dolby Digital EX
Dolby Pro Logic
Discrete and
trix, and DTS Neo:6
Six channels of high-current amplification
Harman Kardon’s exclusive Logic 7
vailable for the first time with both 7.1 and
5.1 processing in a variety of modes, and two
modes of VMAx
High-bandwidth, HDTV-compatible component
video s
Discrete front-panel coaxial and optical digital
inputs for easy connection to portable digital
devices and video game consoles
Extensive bass management options, includ-
ing three separate crossover groupings
On-screen menu and display system
Cet appareil numérique de la classe B est conforme
à la norme NMB-003 du Canada.
Sur les modèles dont la fiche est polarisee:
ATTENTION: Pour éviter les chocs électriques, introduire
la lame la plus large de la fiche dans la borne
correspondante de la prise et pousser jusqu’au fond.
This class B digital apparatus complies with Canadian
For models having a power cord with a polarized plug:
CAUTION: To prevent electric shock, match wide blade
of plug to wide slot, fully insert.
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