Harman-Kardon AVR 135 Stereo Receiver User Manual

nent video, we particularly recommend connecting it to
Video 2 Audio Input Jacks k, as the Video 2
Component Video inputs
are assigned to the
Video 2 device
3. Connect the analog audio and video outputs of
a television or other video device to the front-panel
Video 3
and Video Input Jacks ÓÔ.
Although any video or audio device may be connected
to these jacks, we recommend connecting your televi-
sion so that you may take advantage of the fact that
the remote control is preprogrammed with television
product codes for the
Video 3 device. Important: If
you are only using the television as a display device
(i.e., if you receive your television programs through
a cable box or satellite receiver), do not connect
TV’s outputs to the
Video 3
and Video
Input Jacks
ÓÔ, or to any other inputs on the
AVR 135.
4. Connect the analog audio and video outputs of a
DVD or laser disc player to the
DVD Audio/Video
and S-Video Inputs
5. Connect the digital audio outputs of a DVD player,
satellite receiver, cable box or HDTV converter to the
Optical or Coaxial Digital Inputs
6. Connect the
Video and/or S-Video Monitor
°g jacks on the receiver to the composite
or S-video input of your television monitor or video
7. If your DVD player and monitor both have compo-
nent video connections, connect the component out-
puts of the DVD player to the
DVD Component
Video Inputs
Even when component video con
nections are used,
the audio connections should still
be made to either the analog
DVD Audio Inputs h
or any of the Optical or Coaxial Digital Input
8. If another device with component video outputs
is available, connect it to the
Video 2 Component
Video Inputs
The audio connections for this
device should be made to either the
Video 2 Audio
kor any of the Optical or Coaxial
9. If the component video inputs are used, connect
Component Video Monitor Outputs to
the component video inputs of your TV, projector
or display device
If you have a camcorder
video game or other
audio/video device that is connected to the AVR on a
temporary rather than permanent basis, connect the
video and digital audio outputs of that device
to the
Front-Panel Inputs *(ÓÔ.A device
connected here is selected as the Video 3 input, and
the digital inputs must be assigned to the Video 3
input. (See page 16 for more information on input
Video Connection Notes:
When the component video jacks are used, the on-
screen menus are not visible and you must switch
to the standard composite or S-video input on your
TV to view them.
The AVR 135 will accept either standard composite,
S-video or
Y/Pr/Pb component video signals.
However, it will not convert composite or S signals
to component video.
When connecting a video source to the AVR 135,
you may use either composite, component or
S-video, but only one type of video may be
connected for each device.
When more than one video format is used,it is
necessary to make a separate connection from
the AVR to your video display for each format. For
example, if both composite and component sources
are connected to the AVR 135, both the composite
and component video monitor outputs
°g must
be connected to the appropriate inputs on your
video display.
AC Power Connections
This unit is equipped with two accessory AC outlets.
They may be used to power accessory devices, but
they should not be used with high-current-draw equip-
ment such as power amplifiers.The total power draw
to each outlet may not exceed 100 watts.
Switched AC Accessory Outlet will receive
power only when the unit is on.
This is recommended
for devices that have no power switch or a mechanical
power switch that may be left in the “ON” position.
NOTE: Many audio and video products go into a
Standby mode when they are used with switched out-
and cannot be fully tur
ned on using the outlet
alone without a remote control command.
Unswitched AC Accessory Outlet will
receive power as long as the unit is plugged into a
powered AC outlet.
Once the
wer Cord
is connected,
you are
almost ready to enjoy the AVR 135’s incredible power
and fidelity!
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