Harman-Kardon AVR 135 Stereo Receiver User Manual

IMPORTANT NOTE: The AVR 135’s remote may be
programmed to control up to seven devices, including
the AVR 135. Before using the remote, it is important to
remember to press the Input Selector
that corresponds to the unit you wish to operate
In addition, the AVR 135’s remote is shipped from
the factory to operate the AVR 135 and most
Harman Kardon CD or DVD players and cassette
.The remote is also capable of operating a
wide variety of other products using the control codes
that are part of the remote. Before using the remote
with other products, follow the instructions on page 30
to program the proper codes for the products in your
It is also important to remember that many of the but-
tons on the remote take on different functions
, depend-
ing on the product selected using the Device Control
Selectors.The descriptions shown here primarily detail
the functions of the remote when it is used to operate
the AVR 135. (See pages 31–34 for information about
alternate functions for the remote’s buttons.)
a Power Off Button: Press this button to place the
AVR 135 or a selected device in the Standby mode.
Note that this will turn off the main room functions, but
if the Multiroom system is activated, it will continue
to function.
b IR Transmitter Window: Point this window
towards the AVR 135 when pressing buttons on the
remote to make certain that infrared commands are
properly received.
c Program Indicator:This three-color indicator is
used to guide you through the process of program-
ming the remote
. (See page 30 for information on
programming the remote
d Power On Button: Press this button to turn on
the power to a device selected by pressing one of the
Input Selectors e.
e Input Selectors: Pressing one of these buttons
will perform three actions at the same time. First, if the
VR 135 is not turned on, this will power up the unit.
Next, it will select the source shown on the button as
the input to the
VR 135. Finally, it will change the
remote control so that it controls the device selected.
After pressing one of these buttons you must press
AVR Selector Button f again to operate the
s functions with the remote
f A
VR Selector:
Pressing this button will switch the
remote so that it will operate the AVR 135’s functions. If
the AVR 135 is in the Standby mode, it will also turn the
AVR 135 on.
g AM/FM Tuner Select: Press this button to select
the AVR 135’s tuner as the listening choice. Pressing
this button when the tuner is already in use will select
between the
AM and FM bands.
h Dim Button: Press this button to activate the
Dimmer function,
which reduces the brightness of the
front panel display
, or turns it off entirely. The first press
of the button shows the default state, which is full bright-
ness by indicating
DIMMER FULL in the Lower
Display Line
¯. Press the button again within five
seconds to reduce the brightness by 50%, as indicated
DIMMER HALF showing in the Lower
Display Line
¯. Press the button again within five
seconds and the main display will go completely dark.
Note that this setting is temporary,in that regardless of
any changes, the display will always return to full bright-
ness when the AVR is turned on. In addition, the
2 will always remain at full brightness
regardless of the setting.This is to remind you that
the AVR is still turned on.
i Test Button: Press this button to begin the
sequence used to calibrate the AVR 135’s output levels.
(See page 20 for more information on calibrating
the AVR 135.)
j Sleep Button: Press this button to place the unit
in the Sleep mode.After the time shown in the display,
the AVR 135 will automatically go into the Standby
mode. Each press of the button changes the time until
turn-off in the following order:
This button is also used to change channels on your
TV when the TV is selected.
When the AVR 135 remote is being programmed with
the codes to operate another device
this button is also
used in the “Auto Search”process. (See page 30 for
more information on programming the remote.)
k DSP Surround Mode Selector: Press this but-
ton to cycle through the DSP,VMAx and Stereo sur-
round modes such as Hall,
VMAx Near and
and Surround Off
This button is also used to tune
channels when the TV is selected using the device
Input Selector e. When the AVR 135 remote is
being programmed with the codes of another device
this button is also used in the “Auto Search” process.
(See page 30 for more information on programming
the remote
l Night Mode: Press this button to activate the
Night mode.This mode is available in specially
encoded digital sources, and it preserves dialogue
(center channel) intelligibility at low volume levels.
m Channel Select Button: This button is used to
start the process of setting the AVR 135’s output levels to
an external source. Once this button is pressed,use the
Buttons n
to select the channel being adjusted,
then press the Set Button p, followed by the
n again, to change the level setting.(See
pages 20 and 27 for more information.)
Buttons: These multipurpose buttons are
used to change or scroll through items in the on-
screen menus, make configuration settings such as
digital inputs or delay timing, or to select surround
modes.When changing a setting, first press the button
for the function or setting to be changed (e.g., press
DSP Surround Mode Selector k to select a
sound field mode or the
Digital Select Button q
to change a digital input) and then press one of these
buttons to scroll through the list of options or to
increase or decrease a setting.The sections in this
manual describing the individual features and functions
contain specific information on using these buttons
for each application.
Buttons: These buttons are used to change
the menu selection or setting during some of the setup
procedures for the AVR 135.
p Set Button: This button is used to enter settings
into the AVR 135’s memory. It is also used in the
setup procedures for delay time, speaker configuration
and channel output level adjustment.
q Digital Select: Press this button to assign one
of the digital inputs
to a source
pages 16 and 23 for more information on using digital
r Numeric Keys: These buttons ser
ve as a
button numeric keypad to enter tuner preset positions.
They are also used to select channel numbers when
TV, Cable or SAT has been selected on the remote, or
to select track numbers on a CD, DVD or LD player,
depending on how the remote has been programmed.
s Tuner Mode: Press this button when the tuner
is in use to select between automatic tuning and
manual tuning.When the button is pressed so that
MANUAL appears in the Lower Display Line ¯,
pressing the
Tuning Buttons u9 will move the
frequency up or down in single-step increments
When the FM band is in use, pressing this button when
a station’s signal is weak will change to monaural
(See pages 26–27 for more infor
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