Arcam AVR500 Home Theater System User Manual

Front left and right
Position your front le and right speakers to
achieve a good stereo image for normal musical
reproduction as well as for the multichannel
modes. If they are placed too close together there
will be a lack of spaciousness; if they are placed
too far apart a stereo image will appear to have a
large ‘hole’ in the middle and will be presented in
two halves. If there is no practical alternative to
placing the speakers widely apart, this eect can
be overcome in music reproduction by using the
centre sound extraction from the le and right
speakers (see Dolby Pro Logic II Music mode).
e centre speaker allows for a more realistic
reproduction of dialogue. e centre speaker
should have a similar tonal balance to the front
le and right speakers and be positioned at a
similar height.
Surround left and right
e surround le and right speakers reproduce
the ambient sound and eects present in a
multichannel home cinema system and should be
installed slightly higher than the listener’s ears.
Surround back left and right
e surround back le and right speakers
are used to add extra depth and better
sound localisation and should be installed
approximately one metre higher than the
listener’s ears. Place the two surround
back speakers such that there is an arc of
approximately 150 degrees between each
surround back speaker and the centre speaker.
e surround back speakers should face the front
of the room as shown in the diagram to provide
the largest ‘sweet spot’.
A subwoofer will greatly improve the bass performance of
your system. is is useful for reproducing special cinema
eects, especially where a dedicated LFE (Low Frequency
Eects) channel is available, as with many discs encoded
with Dolby or DTS technologies.
More than one subwoofer unit may be required for larger
installations, particularly in rooms of a timber frame
construction. Multiple subwoofers need care in placement
because there may be cancellation eects between the
units and you may require expert advice.
Single surround back centre speaker
It is also possible to use a single surround back
speaker positioned centrally behind the listening
position instead of two. In this case connect it to
the SBL speaker output. Follow the instructions in
the ‘Spkr Types’ section of the Setup Menus for how
to congure the AVR500/AVR600/AV888 for this