Arcam AVR500 Home Theater System User Manual

Problem Check that...
ere are no lights on the unit
the power cord is plugged into the unit and the mains socket it is plugged
into is switched on.
the power button is pressed in.
If a red LED is present, the unit is in standby mode. Press any button on the
front panel or remote control.
e unit responds erratically
or not at all to the remote
there are fresh batteries in the remote control.
the front panel window is visible and you are pointing the remote control
towards it.
e front panel display is
the display hasn’t been turned o. Press the DISPLAY button on the front
panel or remote control.
No picture is being produced
your viewing device is turned on and switched to display your AVR500/
AVR600/AV888. Test by pressing the MENU button on the AVR500/AVR600/
AV888 or on the remote and look for the main menu screen on your display
the correct video input is selected on the AVR500/AVR600/AV888.
the video source is on, is operating normally, and is in ‘play’ mode if
you have the AVR500/AVR600/AV888 in a video resolution that is
compatible with the connection you are using and with your display device.
For example, composite video is only capable of carrying 480i and 576i
resolutions. Test this by pressing and holding the OK key for more than two
seconds to force 480i / 576i output resolutions.
ere are bright edges or
‘ghosts’ on the picture
the cables used for analogue video connections are designed to carry video
(i.e., they are 75Ω coaxial cables).
ensure the ‘sharpness’ control on your display device is switched o or set to
near minimum.
for HDMI connections, try using a shorter cable or alternatively a dierent
No sound is produced
the correct input has been selected.
the source equipment is on, is operating normally and is in ‘play’ mode if
the volume is turned up to a reasonable level and the unit is not in mute
e sound is poor or distorted
you have not excessively increased the input sensitivity (i.e. reduced the
maximum input signal voltage) in the Input Cong. menu if an analogue
input is being used.
you have selected the correct size of speakers to suit your system in the setup