Arcam AVR500 Home Theater System User Manual

Before connecting your AVR500/AVR600 or AV888
and power amplier (e.g. the Arcam P777) to your
source components and speakers, please read through
the next few pages which will explain all the input and
output connectivity that is available. e ‘Speakers’
section explains how to connect up your speakers to
avoid damage to the amplier and how to arrange your
speakers for best performance.
e inputs are named to make it easier to reference
connected devices (e.g. ‘DVD’ or ‘VCR’). ey all have the
same input circuit (with the exception of the ‘PHONO
input), so there is no reason why you should not connect
a dierent device to any of the inputs. For example, if
you had two DVD players and the AV input was not
being used, then the second DVD player could be
connected to the AV input.
When connecting a video source, its audio must be
connected to the corresponding sockets. For example,
if you a had a satellite decoder plugged into a
SAT video
input, the audio must be connected to the SAT audio
e hierarchy for video connections for best quality is
as follows;
< Component/RGB
< S-Video
< Composite.
You should connect as many of these as possible. e
unit will automatically select the best quality connection
for the source available. For any video source to be
available in Zone2 you must have an S-Video or
Composite connection between the unit and the source.
Making connections
< Wherever possible, connect both the analogue
and digital outputs of digital sources. is enables
use of a digital input for the main zone and the
corresponding analogue input for recording onto an
analogue tape deck, VCR or PVR, or for the Zone2
or 3 output.
< Take care to place cables as far from any power
supply cabling as is practicable, to reduce hum and
other noise problems.
Important notes about Component/RGB
video inputs and outputs
< When you connect your devices to these
connectors, take care to follow the letter/colour
coding for each input. No damage will occur
due to incorrect connection but incorrectly
coloured or unstable pictures will result.
< e Component video inputs have sucient
bandwidth for NTSC (525/60) or PAL (625/50)
video and HDTV video signals.
Product differences and options
Product operation is broadly similar for the AVR500,
AVR600 and AV888, however, the AVR600 & AV888
have a greater variety of input connectors and a dierent
rear panel layout. For this reason, two sections of
connection diagrams are presented. Please see Page 8
for the AVR600 & AV888. For the AVR500 please skip
ahead to Page 14.