Arcam AVR500 Home Theater System User Manual

Connection guide –
DVD player
e diagram shows how to make audio and video
connections from a typical DVD player.
e preferred video hook-up, in order of preference is:
use the HDMI connector (if HDMI output is
provided by the player), otherwise connect the three
Component or four RGB+Sync video connectors.
In each case, connect the video inputs labelled
DVD on
the unit.
e preferred audio hook-up is using the coaxial digital
connector (usually marked
addition to the coaxial analogue outputs for le and
right channels.
In each case, use the audio inputs labelled
DVD on the
Satellite receiver
A satellite receiver is connected in the same way as
a DVD player, with the same order of preference
according to the outputs provided by the satellite
In each case, use the inputs labelled
SAT on the unit.
Note that digital audio input from a satellite receiver
sometimes requires a coaxial/TOSLINK (digital
connector) interconnect cable, as some satellite receivers
do not implement audio over HDMI properly or at all.
CD player
Connect the digital audio output (if provided by the CD
player) to the digital CD input of the unit, using a high
quality coaxial interconnect cable.
Connect the right and le analogue audio outputs of the
CD player to the analogue
CD inputs of the unit, using a
pair of high quality coaxial interconnect cables.
VCR, Camcorder, Games Console etc.
Connect other video equipment with S-Video
or Composite Video outputs to the S-Video or
CompositeVideo inputs VCR or PVR. S-Video provides
the best picture quality. Connect the right and le
analogue audio outputs of the device to the equivalent
analogue audio inputs.