Arcam AVR500 Home Theater System User Manual

Connecting speakers
– AVR500 & AVR600
e AVR500/AVR600 allows you to connect up to
seven speakers and three active subwoofers in the main
system. e output channels correspond to speakers
installed in the front le, centre, front right, surround
le, surround right, surround back le, surround back
right and an active subwoofer.
e conguration and placement of your speakers
is very important. All speakers, with the exception of
the subwoofer, should be arranged around your normal
viewing/listening position. e subwoofer should be
placed in a position which gives an even frequency
response in all listening positions. Incorrect placement
leads to bass boom in some areas. Oen the only
way to nd a good position for your subwoofer is by
experimentation. A good place to start experimenting
is close to a wall but at least 1m away from any corners.
You can also consult your subwoofer handbook for
placement suggestions.
To connect each of the
speakers, unscrew the
corresponding terminals
on the back of the AVR500/
AVR600, insert the speaker
wires through the hole in each
post and screw the terminals
back up. Make sure that the
red (positive/+) terminal of
the speaker is connected to the
red (positive/+) terminal on
the back panel, and the black
(negative/) terminal of the
speaker is connected to the
black (negative/) terminal on
the back panel.
It is important that no stray
strands of wire from these
connections are allowed to
touch another cable or the product casing. Failure to
ensure this can cause a short circuit and damage your
Do not over-tighten the loudspeaker terminals, or use a
wrench, pliers, etc., as this could damage the terminals
and this would not be covered under the product’s
Speaker cables
e speakers should be connected to the amplier using
good-quality, high-purity, low impedance copper cables.
Cheap speaker cables should be avoided – they are a
false economy and can signicantly degrade the sound
e cable runs to the speakers should be as short as
practicable. Connections to the speaker terminals
should always be nger tight, whether using bare wires
or spade connectors.
Connecting subwoofers
e AVR600 and the AV888 allow up to three active
subwoofers to be connected to the SW1, SW2 or SW3
outputs. e AVR500 has two subwoofer connections.
See your subwoofer handbook for the correct setting up
and connection for your particular subwoofer.