Arcam AVR500 Home Theater System User Manual

Connecting an iPod using the Arcam rDock
e combination of the AVR500 and Arcam’s optional
rDock or rLead accessory provides a great platform for
your iPod.
Connect the rDock as shown, power on the rDock,
slot in your iPod and select
IPOD as the source. Set the
Audio In iPod item in the ‘General Setup’ menu to the
audio input that you have used to connect the rDock.
For video connections, select the video source you have
used for the iPod input in the ‘Video Inputs’ menu.
Navigating through music and podcasts on your iPod is
simple using the CR102 remote, with text appearing on
the front panel display.
More information is given in the rDock quick start
guide (or rLead quick start guide) supplied with these
accessory units.