Arcam AVR500 Home Theater System User Manual

Trigger connectors
e trigger connectors (TRIG Z1 & TRIG Z2) provide an
electrical signal whenever the amplier is switched on
and the relevant zone enabled.
e trigger signal can be used
to switch on and o compatible
pieces of home entertainment
equipment, for example, you
could set up a trigger to turn on
your television and DVD player
whenever the unit was switched
ere are two trigger output
sockets on the unit, each capable
of outputting a 12V, 70mA
switching signal. e socket
is designed for mono 3.5mm jacks: tip is the trigger
output, sleeve is ground.
tip: Trigger output
sleeve: Ground
Use for remotely turning on and o power amps or
source equipment for Zone1. On = 12V, O = 0V.
Use for remotely turning on and o power amps or
source equipment for Zone2. On = 12V, O = 0V.
Sockets with the prex ‘Z2’ refer to connections
used in multi-room installation. For more
information on these connectors, see page 54.
is output is an electrical
combination of the Z1 (or front
panel) + Z2 infra-red signals
above. It can be used to drive
external IR emitters or can be
connected directly to other
Arcam equipment which have
an IR input. is function can
be useful as an IR ‘repeater’ so
that someone in any of the zones
can control the functions of a
CD player in the main zone, for
example. Tip is the modulated
electrical IR signal, sleeve is ground.
A supplier of infra-red receivers and emitter accessories
and systems is Xantech. See for
more information, or ask your Arcam dealer.
e IR inputs on the unit are designed for
modulated signals. If the external IR receiver
demodulates the IR signal, it will not work. Also the
unit does not provide power for external receivers
on the IR jack, therefore an external power source
will be required.
Infra-red (IR) connectors
e infra-red inputs (Z1 IR and Z2 IR) allow the
connection of external IR receivers, either when
the unit’s front panel IR receiver is fully or partially
obstructed or to allow the use of a remote control in
ere are two IR inputs on the unit, each designed for
stereo or mono 3.5mm jacks. Tip is the modulated signal,
sleeve is ground.
tip: Modulated signal
sleeve: Ground
is input is intended for use with a local IR receiver
when the front panel of the unit is blocked.
Connecting an IR receiver to
Z1 IR will disable to front
panel IR receiver to prevent problems with multiple
commands if the front panel IR receiver is only partially
is input is intended for use with an IR receiver in
Zone2 to allow remote control of the unit from a second