Arcam AVR500 Home Theater System User Manual

To use headphones with the unit, plug the headphones
into the PHONES socket in the centre of the front panel.
When headphones are plugged into the front panel
PHONES socket, the outputs for Zone1 are muted and
the audio will be down-mixed to two channels (2.0). e
two-channel down-mix is required so that the centre
channel and surround information can be heard via the
Using Zone2 and 3
Zone2 provides the option for the occupants of the
master bedroom, conservatory, kitchen, etc. to view or
listen to a dierent source at a dierent volume level
from the main zone (Zone1).
Zone3 (AVR600/AV888 only) provides for a third living
space to have a copy of the audio signal in Zone2 at a
dierent volume level.
Extended front panel menu
Pressing the MENU key and holding it for longer than
four seconds will bring up the Extended Menu, allowing
you to perform the following:
Restore to factory defaults
is option allows you to restore all settings on your
AVR500/AVR600/AV888 to the defaults that it le
the factory with. Note that this also erases any secure
backups stored on the unit.
Restore secure backup
Store secure backup
is option allows you to restore from and store to a
PIN-protected copy of your settings. e default PIN is
Change remote code
e default RC5 system code the unit responds to is
16. If required, for example due to another device in
your system also using this RC5 system code, it can be
changed to 19.
Software versions
Information on the soware version of the unit can be
found here.
Updating firmware using a PC
Using a PC application (available on request from
Arcam), you can update the rmware in your AVR500/
AVR600/AV888 using the back panel RS232 port
connected to your PC.