Yamaha DVX-S303 Home Theater System User Manual

Sound that has not been turned into numbers.
Analog sound varies, while digital sound has specific
numerical values. These jacks send audio through two
channels, the left and right.
Aspect ratio
The ratio of vertical and horizontal sizes of a displayed
image. The horizontal vs. vertical ratio of conventional
TVs. is 4:3, and that of wide-screens is 16:9.
Short for binary digit. Represents the smallest unit of
information manipulated on a computer. In audio
systems, the bit size determines resolution to digitize
analog signals.
The larger the bit size, the larger the dynamic range (the
ratio of maximum and minimum frequency level) and
the finer the sounds. Generally, an audio CD is 16 bit
and DVD audio is 24 bit.
Bit rate
The amount of data used to hold a given length of
music; measured in kilobits per second, or kbps. Also,
the speed at which you record. Generally, the higher the
bit rate, or recording speed, the better the sound quality.
However, higher bit rates use more space on a disc.
Jacks for inputting or outputting a component video
signal.Component video signal consists of three lines,
the luminance signal (Y) and two color difference
signals (P
, P
), which enable to provide high-
quality video.
Disc menu
A screen display prepared for allowing selection of
images, sounds, subtitles, multi-angles, etc. recorded on
a DVD.
is a video compression technology developed by
Networks, Inc. It compresses digital video data to
sizes small enough to be transported over the Internet
without reducing the original video quality. You need
DivX codec software to play back DivX movies or
convert data to the DivX format.
Dolby Digital
Digital surround sound system which is developed by
Dolby Laboratories provides completely independent
multi-channel audio. With 3 front channels (left, center,
and right) and 2 surround stereo channels, Dolby Digital
provides five full-range audio channels. With an
additional channel especially for bass effects (called
LFE, or low frequency effect), the system has a total of
5.1-channels (LFE is counted as 0.1 channel). By using
2-channel stereo for the surround speakers, more
accurate moving sound effects and surround sound
environment are possible than with Dolby Surround.
Dolby Surround Pro Logic II
It is an improved matrix decoding technology that
provides better spatiality and directionality on Dolby
Surround programme material; provides a convincing
three-dimensional soundfield on convertional stereo
music recordings; and is ideally suited to bring the
surround experience to automotive sound. While
conventional surround programming is fully compatible
with Dolby Surround Pro Logic II decoders,
soundtracks will be able to be encoded specifically to
take full advantage of Pro Logic II playback, including
separate left and right surround channels. (Such material
is also compatible with conventional Pro Logic
DTS (Digital Theater Systems)
Digital surround sound system developed by Digital
Theater Systems, Inc., which provides 5.1 channel audio
(max). With an abundance of audio data, it is able to
provide authentic-sounding effects.
The most common type of scanning used in televisions.
It divides a screen into even and odd numbered fields for
scanning, and then builds an image by combining them
into one image (frame).
JPEG (Joint Photographic Expert Group)
A standardized image compression system proposed by
the Joint Photographic Expert Group. It can reduce
image data sizes to 1 to 10% of their original sizes, and
works on digital photographs effectively.
MP3 (MPEG Audio Layer-3)
An audio file compression technology. It can reduce
audio data sizes to about 10% of their original sizes
while maintaining CD-level audio quality.
MPEG (Moving Pictures Experts Group)
International standard for digital video and audio
compression generated by ISO (International
Organization for Standardization) and IEC
(International Electrotechnical Commission).
Includes MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and MPEG-3. MPEG-1
offers VHS level video quality and is often used on
video CDs. MPEG-2 offers S-VHS level video quality
and is often used on DVDs.