Yamaha DVX-S303 Home Theater System User Manual

Playing MP3 music and a JPEG picture
1 Load an MP3 disc containing both music and picture
The disc menu appears on the TV screen.
2 Select an MP3 track and press h to start playback.
3 During MP3 music playback, select a picture folder
from the TV screen and press h.
The picture files will be played back until end of
the folder.
4 To quit simultaneous playback, press MENU followed
by s.
It may not be possible to play certain MP3/JPEG/
discs due to the configuration and
characteristics of the disc or condition of the
It is normal to experience an occasional “skip”
while listening to your MP3 disc.
It is normal to experience an occasional pixelation
during DivX
playback due to poor clarity of
digital contents during internet downloading.
For multi-session discs with different formats, only
the first session will be available.
Playing Super Audio CDs
There are three types of Super Audio CD discs: single
layer, double layer and hybrid discs.
Each type may contain up to two areas of recorded
information: a High Quality Stereo area and a High
Quality Multi-channel area.
A single layer disc can contain both information
A dual layer disc can contain both information
areas. Double the information can be stored on the
disc, thanks to the second layer.
A hybrid disc can contain both information areas,
and also a second, standard CD layer, making it
playable on standard CD players.
1 Load the Super Audio CD.
The disc menu appears on the TV screen.
2 Playback will start automatically.
If the Super Audio CD consists of multi-channel and
stereo tracks, multi-channel tracks will have the
priority for playback.
To playback stereo tracks, use / to make
your selection from the disc menu, then press h.
Programming Super Audio CD tracks is not possible.
Super Audio CD Disc
Single layer disc
HD layer
Dual layer disc
Hybrid layer disc
HD layer CD layer
HD layer
Hybrid Super Audio CD Disc
CD layer that plays on any
CD player
- High Quality DSD Stereo
- High Quality DSD Multi-
High Density layer containing: