Yamaha DVX-S303 Home Theater System User Manual

3 Press and hold PROG until “AUTO PRESET” appears.
If a radio station is stored in one of the earlier
presets, the same radio station will not store under
another preset number.
If no preset number is selected, automatic preset
will begin from preset (1) and all former presets will
be overridden.
Manual presetting
You can choose to store only your favourite radio stations.
1 Tune the desired radio station (see “Tuning radio
stations” on page 44).
2 Press PROG.
3 Press b / a to select a preset number.
4 Press PROG again to store.
Selecting a preset radio station
Press b / a or use the numeric keypad (0-9) to
select a preset number.
The waveband, preset number, then radio frequency
Deleting a preset radio station
Press and hold s on the front panel until “AM XX
” or “FM XX DELTD” (XX: preset number) appears.
The current preset radio station is deleted.
Setting frequency step
(Asia except Korea model)
The inter-station frequency spacing differs depending on
the areas. Set the frequency step according to the
frequency spacing in your area.
Choices:AM9kHz/FM50kHz, AM10kHZ/FM100kHz
Default setting: AM9kHz/FM50kHz
To change the AM band to 10kHz and the
FM band to 100kHz
1 Unplug the AC power cord from the DVD receiver
and wait at least one minute.
2 While pressing and holding INPUT and b on the
front panel, plug the AC power cord to the DVD
3 After “
CINEMA STATION” scrolls in the display panel,
release the keys.
Repeat the above steps 1 to 3 to change AM band to 9kHz
and FM band to 50kHz.