Yamaha DVX-S303 Home Theater System User Manual

Problem Solution
Sound played on the DVD receiver cannot be
recorded with an external recorder
Use proper audio sources.
Sounds played on the AV equipment connected to
the DVD receiver cannot be recorded with external
recording equipment
Connect those equipment to the DVD receiver with along connections.
The volume does not increase or sounds are
Turn on the power of the component connected to the DVD receiver.
There is no sound from the center, surround
speakers and subwoofer
Make sure the center, surround speakers and subwoofer are connected correctly.
Adjust the volume level in the setup menu.
Press SURR button to select a correct surround sound setting.
Make sure the source you are playing is recorded or broadcast in surround
sound (DTS, Dolby Digital, etc.).
“SPEAKER ERR” appears in the display panel Unplug the subwoofer, then make sure the front, center and surround speakers
are connected correctly.
Set the DVD receiver to the standby mode, then disconnected the power cord.
Wait for about 30 seconds, then reconnect the power cord and turn on the DVD
Radio reception is poor If the signal is too weak, adjust the antenna or connect an external antenna for
better reception.
Increase the distance between the receiver and your TV or VCR.
Tune in to the correct frequency.
Place the antenna farther away from any equipment that may be causing the
The remote control does not function properly Select the source (DVD/CD or TUNER, for example) before pressing the
function button (h, b / a).
Reduce the distance between the remote control and the receiver.
Replace the batteries with new ones.
Point the remote control directly toward the remote control sensor.
Check that the batteries are loaded correctly.
The remote control does not work for operating
other equipment
Set the correct remote control code. Depending on the model and year of the
product, the DVD receiver’s remote control may not be able to operate it partly
or wholly. In this case, use the remote control supplied with each product.
Unable to play DivX
movies Check that the DivX
file was encoded in ‘Home Theater’ mode with a DivX
5.x encoder.
The DVD receiver does not work Disconnect the power cord from the power outlet for a few minutes. Reconnect
the power cord and try to operate again as usual.